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  1. I’m also wondering about pH on my 100% mollases wash. My pH came in at 5.74, but would love to be somewhere around 5.2-5.4. I am wanting to make a heavier and estery rum so not necessarily worried about staving off bacterial inoculation. Does anyone have a comparison in flavor profiles from using backset vs. lactic acid to lower their pH? Or is there no flavor difference?
  2. Awesome thanks guys. Would you say it’s got more character than say EC1118? I am wanting to make a heavier bodied rum with more of a ester profile than what EC1118 contributes.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Distilamax RM or SR and what their results were with a mollases based rum? Or just experiences with any style rum. Thanks
  4. Hey everyone, I figured it was time to join this awesome community of industry professionals and spirit fanatics. I originally come from a Brewing background but as of 2 years ago I became the full time distiller for a rum distillery here in Colorado. I’ve been loving the transition and am head over heels for Spirits. I hope I can become a valuable asset around here as all of you have been to me in the past. Cheers, Gilles aka Backset
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