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  1. Backset

    Differences between Distilamax RM & SR

    Awesome thanks guys. Would you say it’s got more character than say EC1118? I am wanting to make a heavier bodied rum with more of a ester profile than what EC1118 contributes.
  2. Backset

    Differences between Distilamax RM & SR

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Distilamax RM or SR and what their results were with a mollases based rum? Or just experiences with any style rum. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, I figured it was time to join this awesome community of industry professionals and spirit fanatics. I originally come from a Brewing background but as of 2 years ago I became the full time distiller for a rum distillery here in Colorado. I’ve been loving the transition and am head over heels for Spirits. I hope I can become a valuable asset around here as all of you have been to me in the past. Cheers, Gilles aka Backset