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  1. But if you fill your 800 gallons tank it won't stay at 52°F. What will be the use of the 800 gallons? Maybe a stupid question. Thank you for your replies, greatly appreciated.
  2. No creek on the land and the well have only 50 feets. The problem with the well is he don't have a big reserve. With the reservoir and the well itself we have 52g of reserve after that the well fill at 3 gpm. The pump is too strong 720 gph
  3. We don't plan yet to mash, just gin and rhum. If we go with whisky, we will make colaboration with brewery to have fermented malt mashes. So no cold crash needed
  4. We are in Québec, Canada. I check the temperature and it was at 11°C, its around 52° F. Its in summer.
  5. Thank kleclerc77, Other maybe stupid question, do you use your cold water tank to cool your deph/cond also?
  6. What is the recommended water tank size to cool 240 gallons mash tun? Thank you
  7. Ok for the tube in tube, from wich source come your cold water? Ice water tank cool by a chiller or from tap water? Maybe its a begining question. Thank you for your reply
  8. Hi we are elaborating our setup for a near project. We will have a 240 gallons setup and want to cool the thick mash before to ferment. Is it possible to cool it in the jacketed fermenter (with agitator) or its better to have a tube in tube heat exchanger? If tube in tube is better, could we use glycol from our FV chilling system to cool it down or we need to have a independent ice water tank? Thank you
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