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  1. Brand New NEVER used Drain Temping valves. Amount- x7 Brand- ThermOmega tech Model-1DTV-140-SS-327 Size- 1" diameter Open @ 140 F - Close @ 130F Max Temp 250F PMO-125 PSIG http://www.thermomegatech.com/product/drain-tempering-valve/ Benefits Compliant with drain temperature limitations of plumbing codes Prevents damage to PVC piping due to over-temperature conditions Minimizes water waste Easy to install Adaptable to almost any drain size Design Features Rugged, clog resistant valve design Install using standard pipe fittings and tools Operates in any orientation Modulates to conserve cooling water Effluent tempering capacity limited only by cold water flow rate through DTV Operation The DTV can be used in applications where a high-temperature discharge flow to a drain or sewer must be tempered with cold water. The DTV is installed into the drain line such that the hot effluent passes over the thermal actuator of the DTV and this thermal actuator controls the cold-water inlet port. If the hot effluent is above the specified set point, the DTV opens to allow injection of cold water. As the hot effluent cools, the DTV automatically modulates to reduce the cold-water inlet flow. At about 10°F below the full open temperature, the cold-water inlet is fully closed to conserve water. The DTV provides a convenient, economical, and easy to use a method of tempering hot effluent flows. Since the DTV is open only when the effluent exceeds the specified set point temperature, it also conserves water by automatically turning off cold water when not needed. Please contact me for more information or pictures. These items can be mailed/shipped through any shipping service/provider. *Asking Price is $350 each, there are 7 for sale DTV-Sell-sheet.pdf DTV.pdf IMG_3510.HEIC IMG_3511.HEIC DTV_IMI.pdf IMG_3512.HEIC
  2. Never been used before Flow-Scales. Bought back in 2016 and was never installed. This system consists of 3x Flow-Scales and can be used in association with a chain disk system, or any other type of grain feeding system. The purpose of the Flowscale is to accurately measure the weight of the desired grain. With the 3 you can set up a distinct scenario where you had 3 different varieties of grain to measure. FLOW SALES x3 (BAG STAND METERING) -5" FlowScale, Continuous Flow Weigh Auger, (Flow Rate 400-5500#/hr) -Proximity Sensor for inlet hopper and/or discharge plenum -Hopper Top for Continuous-Flow Unit; 4" inlet -Tube magnet for Hopper-Top -Discharge Plenum for Single FlowScale Unit -Set of 4 Legs for FlowScale Unit -Discharge Chute for Horizontal Gathering Auger (FOR 2.375" CHAIN DISK)1.5 58.00 87.00 -5" Continuous Flow FEEDPRO Ingredient Unit w/ all Necessary Options Asking price is $3000. each - Could consider an OBO with purchase of all 3 Flow scales. Please contact me for more information. *Attached is a brochure for technical and spec information. **Items are located in Rogers, Arkansas IMG_3507.HEIC IMG_3509.HEIC IMG_3508.HEIC Flowscale Brochure.pdf
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