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  1. Brand New NEVER used Drain Temping valves. Amount- x7 Brand- ThermOmega tech Model-1DTV-140-SS-327 Size- 1" diameter Open @ 140 F - Close @ 130F Max Temp 250F PMO-125 PSIG http://www.thermomegatech.com/product/drain-tempering-valve/ Benefits Compliant with drain temperature limitations of plumbing codes Prevents damage to PVC piping due to over-temperature conditions Minimizes water waste Easy to install Adaptable to almost any drain size Design Features Rugged, clog resistant valve design Install using stand
  2. Never been used before Flow-Scales. Bought back in 2016 and was never installed. This system consists of 3x Flow-Scales and can be used in association with a chain disk system, or any other type of grain feeding system. The purpose of the Flowscale is to accurately measure the weight of the desired grain. With the 3 you can set up a distinct scenario where you had 3 different varieties of grain to measure. FLOW SALES x3 (BAG STAND METERING) -5" FlowScale, Continuous Flow Weigh Auger, (Flow Rate 400-5500#/hr) -Proximity Sensor for inlet hopper and/or discharge plen
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