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  1. Now only 5 pallets available. With more in CA.
  2. Hello to all, Anyone looking for Duke (Nordic Style) in the Portland OR. area? 750ml Duke (Nordic style) 20 pallets available at 90 cases per pallet, packed in 12 bottle content cases for $12.96 per case. Please see the Glopak website for bottle details. https://www.glopakwineandspirits.com/wholesale-spirit-liquor-bottles Please send me a message if you would like more details. Brett at Glopak Spirit_The_Duke_750ml.pdf
  3. Hello MaskCraft, Loggerhead looks like they do good work, but back to my point what city / state are you going to bottle in? If you are in Florida or Arizona there might be better options. If you are on the left side of the country have you looked at these companies? Monvera - Point Richmond CA. www.monvera.com Bergin - Napa CA www.berginglass.co Universal Packaging Vernon, BC V1T 8T2 thinkuniversal.com Tri-S Tualatin Or. http://bottleprinter.com Loggerhead Deco Wisconsin, Inc. 1640 La Dawn Drive Portage, WI 53901 www.loggerheaddeco.com If you are looking for a full container of bottles I would be happy to quote your business. But I would need my previous questions answered to proceed. Quantity, Bottling location, Bottle Ect. Brett at Glopak USA West
  4. Hello to all, Anyone in the market for the tall Nordic style bottle on the west Coast? Glopak currently has 21 pallets of 750ml Duke Hybrid available in Fairfield CA. Plus an additional 6 pallets in Vancouver Wa. These bottles are packed in 12 bottle white content cases 88 cases per pallet Sold in full pallet increments. Duke Hybrid_G2392_680g.pdf Please send me a message if you would like more details or a sample. Brett at Glopak USA West.
  5. Hello MaskCraft, Form the supplier side a little more information would be helpful. What city / state will you be bottling in? What quantity are we talking about? Do you just want a screen printer reference only? If you want bottles then what size, shape, color and finish are you looking for? How would you want them packed Bulk, 6-pack or 12-pack? Timing? Brett at Glopak
  6. Hello I would like to introduce myself Brett Peterson with Glopak USA. www.GlopakUSA.com Glopak is a spirits bottle supplier that has numerous warehouses around the country. My focus is on West Coast sales but if I can help answer a question please send me a PM. Cheers, Brett 750ml Duke Hybrid
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