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  1. Hello to all, I have two partial pallet in Napa CA that I would like to offer at a special price. 750ml Duke Hybrid (tall Nordic style) 78 cases available packed in 12 bottle content cases for $12.98 per case. 750ml Straight Up (Vodka type) 60 cases available packed in 12 bottle content cases for 13.10 per case Please see the glopak website for bottle details. https://www.glopakwineandspirits.com/wholesale-spirit-liquor-bottles Please send me a message if you would like more details. Brett at Glopak
  2. Brett Glopak USA

    Looking for a bottle screen printer.

    Hello MaskCraft, Form the supplier side a little more information would be helpful. What city / state will you be bottling in? What quantity are we talking about? Do you just want a screen printer reference only? If you want bottles then what size, shape, color and finish are you looking for? How would you want them packed Bulk, 6-pack or 12-pack? Timing? Brett at Glopak
  3. Hello I would like to introduce myself Brett Peterson with Glopak USA. www.GlopakUSA.com Glopak is a spirits bottle supplier that has numerous warehouses around the country. My focus is on West Coast sales but if I can help answer a question please send me a PM. Cheers, Brett 750ml Duke Hybrid