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  1. Hello, I am currently in the startup phase of a Distillery in Texas and am trying to project Sales and Revenue. We will have a tasting room and primarily be depending on it for bottle/drink sales at the beginning. I have structured the projections so far with the number of people for tours and walk-ins with conversion rates for drink/bottle sales. I am trying to get data on both what percentage of customers buy drinks/bottles, how many drinks/bottles per customer, and the number of people expected when starting. So far I am using something like this: Walk-ins Drink Conversion Rate 90% Walk-ins Bottle Conversion Rate 10% Tour Drink Conversion Rate 50% Tour Bottle Conversion Rate 25% Would anyone be willing to help with some numbers, data, or resources for this (database, etc.)? Regards, Doug Robertson
  2. Hello, I am in the initial planning phase of a new micro-distillery in Texas for Rum, Gin, and Vodka. We are planning on 2100 proof gallons per year with 816 bottles at max production per month. The cost estimates so far are $91k startup total and $14k operating per month. I think we have a good handle on the costs with a 10% contingency (and know we need more) and are looking at a 2500 sq ft location for $13 per square foot per year. Currently capitalized at $105k with a probably $145k for 4 members and am looking at additional capital. My main problem right now is trying to project revenue into the future with bottle sales, tasting rooms sales, tours, and merchandise. I am trying to base it off of walk-ins and tours with % conversion rates but am having trouble. I know what we need to sell (hah), but I am looking for information on realistic numbers (and anything else). Regards, Doug Robertson
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