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  1. @DrDistillation thanks for the comprehensive response. This sounds like great advice and I will take this on board. The 350L to 3000L will be the big test, cheers.
  2. Hi, we are about to commission our stills in the coming months which means its time to upscale from 100L to 350L then to our 3000L. Any advice on how to not waste a lot of NGS and botanicals as we upscale from still to still?
  3. Hi - I am purchasing 2 copper still and don't want them to lose that lovely just left the machine shop polish. Do you know what product is being use to get that polished shiny look?
  4. Thanks Steve, Happy to connect more, its a great part of the world. Cheers Brizee.
  5. Hi All, first post but have been here researching all the posts. Such useful and helpful info, thanks..! I am in the middle of setting up a distillery in a town called Cooroy in South East Queensland. We have just put in services and are due to start footings next week. I am in an industrial complex of 30 warehouses and have units 1 & 11. I am going to make Gin and Single malt and a Straight rye whisk(e)y. I have already been through Gin R&D at a contract distillery and we have 3 of our recipes set and have tried some awesome fruit maceration's. I am receiving my first delivery of barley and malted rye next week and we will do some 300L mashes to start the R&D on the whisk(e)y.
  6. Thanks @Jedd Haas that's perfect I can also size my low wines receivers, cheers.
  7. Hi, I am just setting up my distillery in Queensland, Australia and was wondering anyone could help me with spirit pot still sizing calculations. (no column just Scottish / Irish style pot still) If I start with 3000L or 792 Gallons of 8% ABV or US 10 proof wash and run the wash what volume of low wines will I collect in my receiver? This will allow me to size my spirit still or see how many wash runs I would need to do to run the low wines in my large still. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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