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  1. If you want to get all metric with it, 3-4 liters of water per kg of mash is typical.
  2. Search "straddle stacker" at Uline.
  3. SSVI

    Hoses or Piping?

    You've all made very good points. Thanks for you input. I had assumed that there would be some issue with sanitizing and such but it seems cost and limited flexibility are the main factors. It does make a lot of sense that there would have to be a lot of thought put into process optimization to avoid a spaghetti sandwich of piping runs.
  4. SSVI

    Hoses or Piping?

    So I've visited a whole lot of distilleries and I can't think of a single one where I've seen a mash tun piped to a fermenter piped to a still, hoses and portable pumps are always used. Breweries I've visited seem to do the same. Is there any particular reason for this? Wouldn't having solid piping make this process a little easier? I'm assuming there is a very good reason for this that I simply don't know. I would appreciate enlightenment from any of you fine folks.
  5. Not sure how legit this is but I've heard that proofing too quickly can "bruise" the product effecting flavor and causing condensation. Proofing incrementally over a few days is supposed to prevent it. Again, haven't had to do it so can't confirm but that's what I've heard from a very reputable source.
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