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  1. Hey Cameron, did you sell that kettle yet? I’m still looking please let me know ! Thanks Dave 518-527-5490
  2. This is a fantastic facility and a knowledgeable owner!! If you’re interested in getting into the distilling industry... go get your feet wet with Ken !
  3. Hey Cameron thanks for the heads up just wanted to make sure that that unit will except an 8 inch column on top I want to use this as a column still as well as a cooking kettle I also saw that you were going through the electrical panel and giving people an idea what worked and what was included, I’d like to know if there’s anything else that I need to make this fully functional please feel free to reach me on my cell at 518-527-5490 I’m in upstate New York in Albany thanks again Dave Webber
  4. Is be interested in taking a trip down to see it if I knew I could get a column for it , is it still available?
  5. Definitely interested , did you ever plan a column for it ? I would definitely be interested in looking at it if I can get a column to make it a production still
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