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  1. This is all great information. At this time I am in the design phase and need to take in consideration: - Do I either run water through the condenser and collect it for reuse, open loop system - Do I recirculate chiller water through the condenser I guess I need to figure out what the starting temperature of the water will be (i.e. the tap temp). This will essentially decide the need for a chiller or not. I may get a chiller sized/costed out anyway, will contact Southernhighlander. Question: - What is the minimal lowest temperature that a condenser requires? Or a temperature range? I will be distilling vodka and Gin but will also be starting whisky and rum in a couple of years. Thanks, Brad
  2. That is actually pretty smart, never thought of it that way. Do you know how much water I would approximately use? I don't have a size of my condenser now (still being designed) but its for a 130 gallon (500L) still so my fermenters will also be 500L.
  3. Hello, Has anyone have experience with a closed loop recirculation for the water needed for the condenser and deplemigator? Where I am going to be operating there are strict rules on waste water and I will get charged for all that goes down the drain. Since I am new to this I am not sure what is in industry standard on the equipment (more specifically the chiller) that I can use for this. Please note that I am a small craft distillery with a 500L (130 gallon) pot still, will be producing vodka and gin. Looking for a cost affordable solution. if you require any additional information please let me know. Thanks, Brad
  4. Thanks for the contact information. I will reach out to Ray.
  5. Hello, I am hoping someone can help me. I am starting a distillery and will be going with a 500L (130 gallon) steam pot still, I am wanting to know if someone can point me in the way to get an affordable steam boiler. Here are my parameters: - 500L (130 gallon) pot still - Furnace oil or Diesel only (natural gas not available) - looking for close loop system - I live in Canada, don't mind ordering from the US if needed I did some looking around and I am hoping something like this is what I can get: http://www.columbiaboiler.com/mph-boilers.htm Looking forward to any advise you can give me. Thanks, Brad
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