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  1. Hi Michael, fantastic, thank you! Thank you Skaalvenn as well! Happy New Year to all!
  2. We have a very similarly shaped bottle, also use a Mori 6 from TCW and have the exact same fill height issue. I have been knocking around modification ideas for our unit but would love see the v3 @MichaelAtTCW is referring to first. Prefer not to reinvent the wheel.
  3. Hi Skaalvenn I'm picking up on an old discussion... your comment about correction factor makes me ask what may be a dumb question but...you got your hydrometers from Novatech and also got a correction factor statement? Did you get the correction factor paper because you ordered a certified multipoint calibration in addition or did it come stock with the hydrometer? Novatech is quite a bit more $$ than Cole Parmer for the exact same hydrometer so wondering if that's the added 'value'? Thank you!
  4. What were some of your key decision points when you selected Rudolph?
  5. Does anyone filter their air for general pneumatic pump use?
  6. Thank you Oz. What Anton Paars are you referring to / which do you use? What is your experience with Rudolph Research or Mettler? I have heard Metter is kind of challenging and Rudolph and Aton are quite user friendly. Any first-hand experience? I am in the U.S. so would love to hear from distillers beholden to the TTB as well.
  7. Hi All- Exploring TTB certified density meters from Anton Paar, Rudolph Research and Mettler Toledo. Looking for some feedback on ease of use, reliability, customer service from training and setup to answering questions months later...and whatever else you may feel is valuable for decision making. And, if you have a DM what was your swing vote for purchase?
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