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  1. Are you trying not to sign the form? Not sure the issue you're having. Looks like the retailer is just doing CYA.
  2. Just received a thief from Cage & Sons @ViolentBlue Really well made to last several generations of Beaver distillers.
  3. Got more information on the brand/model and why you are selling?
  4. What 38° says. We got screwed on the first location we were licensed (TTB) and had to find another lease, then build it out, and just now getting close to opening (Aug). 8 months longer than planned. It takes twice as long, three times the pain and four times the money.then you anticipate... Got a floor sink in your building for your three compartment sink that you will need to have to pass the CA health code? That's $4K that I bet isn't a line item in your business plan. Go visit as many local distilleries that you can, ask questions and learn. Everyone will have stories to tell. Don't give up. Just be prepared.
  5. 90 days for each agency. Your city/county building department building/infill permit and approval will be much longer. I wouldn’t worry about TTB/ABC process times.
  6. I assume you’re using a pneumatic pump, how do you control it? Thanks Kris
  7. Hi We picked up our still from Liberty Pole Spirits in Washington, PA and are about to put it in service, but before we do we want to descale the condenser. Any suggestion what to use to descale the iron?
  8. Rinsing with spirits or just water?
  9. Mold in the corn would be my guess.
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