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  1. You need to feel comfortable with your name and remember that you're not going please everyone. Thank god the first amendment exists. E.G. Booz was an actual brand in the 1840's who's bottle has gone on to be reproduced for nearly 100 years. https://www.bottlebooks.com/booze.htm You might do a quick check on the USPTO.GOV site and see if there is an existing trademark under the spirits class.- E.G. Booz is already filed - http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=toc&state=4802%3Awdpr8h.1.1&p_search=searchss&p_L=50&BackReference=&p_plural=yes&p_s_PARA1=&p_tagrepl~%3A=PARA1%24LD&expr=PARA1+AND+PARA2&p_s_PARA2=Booz&p_tagrepl~%3A=PARA2%24COMB&p_op_ALL=AND&a_default=search&a_search=Submit+Query&a_search=Submit+Query Macon Booze is not in use! It might be considered a conflict with E.G. Booz, however, never hurts to spend the $275 to try. The government may say yes. There is also an appeals process that you can use if they say no. When you do file make sure you get clothing and spirits (both classes) as you will want to use your mark on hats and tee shirts. The trademark will help protect you if your brand takes off and the guy down the street starts selling knock off t-shirts... Good luck
  2. We'll be using glasses (Glencairn) and a glass washer in our tasting room. We will source a cheap branded shot glass for event use that the taster can keep - charged off to marketing. At some point we have to be part of the solution and not the problem. This simple act of positive corporate responsibility should pay for itself in the long run.
  3. The issue is that the bills (congress and senate versions) must be attached to other bills to make a package that can be voted on together. Once each bill has passed their respective houses, the bills get morphed into a single version that then both houses approve by another vote and it becomes law. Can that happen before the end of the year, yes it can. Will it, probably not, if the first vote doesn't happen next week.
  4. https://www.spiritsunited.org Send a letter to your congressman/woman and senator.
  5. Understand the process, but if you are not going to mash or only need a portion to mash, the water needs to be transferred into the second holding tank to be chilled overnight. I'm in CA, so I have to minimize the amount of water that gets put down the drain (read none) - a condition of being granted to operate a distillery. You can understand now why I'm looking to glean ideas from what others have done. I'm trying to create an elegant system with the minimum of pumps and holding tanks. The chilling circuit will be separate stand alone system from the condenser/mash cooling circuit.
  6. Good compressor and a cascade system of a couple storage tanks would support the vacuum and any pumps you maybe running in your plant. It's only money...
  7. I got two 1,600 tanks and a chiller to create a closed cold water cooling system for my condenser and to cool mash. Wondering if any of you will share how you laid out your piping and what pumps you used?
  8. How do they work? You create a venturi using a compressed air source. https://www.hafcovac.com/product/certified-explosion-proof-vacuum/?attribute_pa_air-supply=85-cfm&attribute_pa_drum_size=55-gallon&attribute_pa_vacuum-hose-diameter=1-5-inches&attribute_pa_features=ex-model
  9. Hence using a pneumatic vacuum and duct work to build a small collection system.
  10. The reason I posted the question is that the pneumatic vacuums avoid all issues with heat and bearings. Just wondering if a system (blower, duct work and intakes) has been built using a pneumatic vacuum?
  11. We're not trying to comply with anything but, as you put it, common sense. Trying to remove grain dust for overall cleanliness and reduce/remove any potential explosion hazards created by our milling process. Since posting this to the forum, I was educated by a grain dust removal expert - he specs dust removal systems to granaries. The main factor when sizing a dust collection system is to keep your CFM at or above 4,000 CFM so particles don't fall out of the air stream, use metal ducting (6"-8") and if flex hose is needed make sure it has a metal wire in it to dissipate and static build up.
  12. Having researched for nearly four months and reviewed a dozen quotes, I would like to recommend Automatic Farm Systems ( www.afsproducts.com ) to anyone looking for a hammer mill. Reasonable price and exceptional service. We picked up a 20 HP mill, control panel, hopper and auger for under $6K. Thanks @Huffy2k for the recommendation. Hammer_Mill.pdf
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