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  1. These barrels , both the New and Used Ones are shipped from our Fresno, California cooperage (93725)
  2. Barrels Unlimited, Inc has a wide variety of Oak Barrels available for distillers Once Used Bourbon..$106.50 standard 200 liter Used Rum $119.00 Head Drilled Used Wine $80 standared 225 liter Reds or Whites Used Racks $45...2 barrel racks New American Oak Barrels in 5-10-15-20-30-59 Gallon. All made from Air Dried American Oak Barrelsunlimited.com John Sorensen john@barrelsunlimited.com 562-673-3825
  3. We have standard 200 liter Once Used Bourbon Barrels all year long from a variety of Distillers. Fresh and ready for refill....John@barrelsunlimited.com
  4. We have NEW American Oak barrels in 5-10-15-20-30 gallon sizes available. All barrels made from Air Dried American Oak. John@Barrelsunlimited.com
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