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  1. Hello distillers, do you mind a poser brewer here on your for sale page? The equipment I am listing was made by Trident Stills in Maine, Jesse has a good following here on this forum and makes a great product. I used this equipment for brewing beer but it is nearly identical to the setup Trident fabricates to make stills - just add your column. I am trying to upload pictures but am running into a file size problem, I will add a link to a dropbox folder this evening or tomorrow. I am selling our 7-BBL (210 gallon) Kettle, Mash Tun, and Hot Liquor Tank. We used this system successfully 2-3 times per week for 3 years until I upgraded to a 10-BBL system with a control panel and automation features. Equipment was custom fabbed to fit into our historic space by Trident Stills of Maine, USA. We enjoyed using it and made some excellent beer, and it was a great affordable option for us to start out with. Kettle has a steam jacketed bottom and side insulation. I list this as 7BBL (210 gallons) but we easily boiled up to 250 gallons with head space. We would heat hot liquor in the kettle and pump it to the HLT and mash tun, then sparge from HLT to MT during run off to kettle. Steam jets in HLT and mash tun can be used to maintain temperature in both vessels but generally the insulation on the HLT and MT held temperature fine with the insulation. Sanitary steam filters ($3,250 value) are included for both vessels. We operated this system with a Rite Atmospheric Boiler, model 63S as shown on this spec sheet and had no problem bringing it up to a rigorous boil or heating hot liquor. http://www.riteboiler.com/docs/low-pressure-steam-power-burner.pdf This equipment has been stored in a temperature controlled warehouse for a year, is in working condition and sold as-is. It is ready to ship immediately. All included equipment was over $22,000 new, I am asking $16,000 or best offer. We brewed beer on this setup but it would also make a great setup for a start up distillery as a 6" tri-clamp ferrule could be easily welded to the 6" top vent port for a distillation column. Payment – full payment in advance is required prior to shipment or pick up. ACH, cashier’s check, or cash required. Shipping- I will plywood crate each piece for shipping for an additional $500 or you can come pick it up without the need for crating, just bring blankets and straps and a box truck or trailer! Buyer will pay shipping cost. I will work with your carrier. I have a forklift and loading dock on site and will be happy to provide loading assistance. Kettle is steam jacketed and insulated with the following features provided by the manufacturer. · Kettle/ Whirlpool vessel (40”X48”) · Steam jacketed for low pressure (up to 15psi) steam · Conical bottom for a good whirlpool hop cone · 1/2" NPT port for thermometer or thermoprobe · Insulated tank with quilted stainless sheathing. · 2” TC drain · 2” TC Tangential inlet for whirlpool re-circulation – works great · 2” TC Secondary drain for drawing off above hop cone after whirlpool. · 18” manway · 3” TC port in top for TC spray ball (sprayball not included but common part) · 6” vent connection – as with any brewhouse you will have to have your kettle stack fabricated to handle your steam. Mash Tun is steam injected with the following features provided by the manufacturer. · Mash Tun(35”X48”X60”) · ½” NPT port for thermometer or thermowell · 2” TC drain · 1 1/2” TC front port for filling and vorlauf. · Fill/Sparge header · Removable trough false bottom perf metal screen for run off · Sloped bottom for run off · 12X17 square clean out door for mash out · Mash tun is not insulated, we added a layer of reflectix for extra heat retention but it has been removed. · 3 steam jets can be used to raise or maintain the temperature of your mash. Sanitary steam filter included. · Hinged lid Hot Liquor Tank · Steam jet to raise or maintain the temperature of your hot liquor. · Insulated and sheathed in stainless · ½” npt port for thermowell or thermometer · 2” TC drain · Stainless hinged cover Included extras: 2 x micropure sanitary steam filters so that you can inject sanitary steam directly into the HLT and Mash Tun through the steam jet nozzles if desired ($3,250 original purchase price). I will include a steam trap for the Kettle but the moving parts inside may be approaching end of life ($600 part).
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