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  1. Are you saying they dropped the requirement to use denatured ethanol? So regular ethanol can be used now?
  2. spiritzzz

    Odin on Gin

    Hi Odin, Your development of the extractor is really on-the-money. We've been experimenting on glass and hope to upgrade to your device in the future - which seems really well done. You mentioned a while back that it may be available for non-iStill owners, but can't see that option on your site yet?In any case... maximizing extraction (which ties into the use of a concentrate multi-shot method) seem to be an important way for a small distiller (who doesn't mind short-cuts) best ways to build-in capacity (ramp-up output) with less capital investment. I wonder about the early results of your work with the extractor for gin... * Have you extracted cracked juniper and placed the filtered liquid extract (the berries should have little to offer at that point) directly into the iStill? * How does the resulting (from extract) distillate compare to a batch with no maceration time, or your usual 24 hrs at 60%? 2x 4x 8x the flavor?* Any new/good/bad flavors/aromas associated with this "thorough" or "over-extraction"?* Any need to make a larger forshots cut to account for additional oils etc?* Another curiosity is, if the extractions are done with 98% spirit, as is common with this technique, vs your usual 60% (overnight in the pot), does the lack of water make any difference to the process or flavor extraction? There are some who say water is necessary to fully extract, and I wonder if you've put that to the test (with juniper at least)?Many thanks for all of your contributions.
  3. Have you made an progress with your multi-shot / concentrate method? would be great to learn any techniques you can share... We are really small. So, to stay competitive, we need to maximize output on the smallest amount of equipment.
  4. spiritzzz

    DYE China?

    Can you share your 'bottle from China' nightmare story here or a new thread?
  5. Could the botanicals be touching the heating element and burning? I suspect this is an under-diagnosed source of various issues (?)...
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