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  1. Thanks Thatch... This isn't time critical, hopefully @dhdunbar will chime in if he has time at some point. Cheers
  2. Well, that's disappointing. We may have to eat these taxes unless anyone else knows a workaround. Thanks again...
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new here. Hoping you can help with a quick question about getting either credit or a refund for federal excise taxes. We are a licensed DSP. We made a batch of product and transferred it to our distributor...which, naturally, triggered a federal excise tax event as the liquid left our bonded facility. We paid those taxes. Some months later we decided to have the distributor destroy what was left of that batch of product (we weren't happy with the quality for various reasons). I have an affidavit of destruction from the distributor for the disposal of same. Can anyone help me understand the procedure for getting credit for the federal excise taxes we've already paid on that now destroyed product? Are we even entitled to credit for those taxes? Thanks everyone, there is a wealth of information here and I hope I can contribute as our company grows!
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