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  1. @Naked Spirits Disitillery - starting with a lower Brix and working my way up sounds like a good way to approach it, I will take that into consideration thank you. I am working towards calculating how much end product I would have with these numbers. Do you know of any online resources I can use to make these calculations? @adam - I have also read that between orders there may be some variance. My thought is to measure brix first and add molasses to the water to keep a constant brix level
  2. Thank you both for the info I had a suspicion these numbers weren't right based on other forums... Is there a public resource available for making these calculations? I'm finding molasses has a much more variation than corn and rye which is what I am used to working with.
  3. I am working out the calculations for a Blackstrap Molasses rum and I was hoping to check my numbers. I am most concerned with getting my molasses to water ratio right to get my Brix to 20. Could I get some feedback on my numbers? My molasses comes in 55 gallon drums at 45% sugars TSAI That means 287.1 lbs of fermentable sugars per drum, or 5.22 lbs per gallon. I ran a Sugar Wash Calculator that gave my molasses a starting SG of 1.236 Water added would be 67 gallons Wash produced: 36.8% alcohol Do these numbers look right? My end goal is to calculate a rough yield of 80 proof end product per barrel of molasses. Any help would be appreciated.
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