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  1. This has sold. Thanks for your interest and best of luck in your hunt! It's an absolute dream to work with. The build quality is amazing. Since it's a steam jacket with agitator, you can basically distill anything from whiskey to fruit eau de vie without issue. It's about a year old and I've put maybe a dozen runs through it. Practically brand new. 100L steam jacket boiler Agitator Lots of added triclamp ports on the boiler, giving you flexibility with your configuration and expansion. Sight glass and lighting so that you can see the action inside the boiler Heavy duty ball valves, including a beefy drain valve Pressure gauge and relief valve for the steam jacket 4" stainless reflux column of modular copper plates with thick-glassed sights Dephlegmater Shotgun condenser Parrot with drain valve All cooling hoses with gate valves 5500W heating elements (2) with 220V controller module. It also controls the agitator. Currently wired to use a electric stove outlet. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/zdnWdae Asking $5000 or best offer. Motivated to sell. Contact me if you're interested and we can discuss details and pricing. I'm not willing to ship it so looking for local pick up in Toronto, Ontario. I can assist with coordinating delivery within a reasonable distance from Toronto.
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