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  1. Thanks for all the information -- that Florida info will be great for what I need!
  2. et1883, Thanks to you too for this information! I feel confident that I can make this business go, but I have to convince others. Everything people share makes it easier! Karl
  3. Huffy2k, Thanks for your comments as well. Several people have shared some data with me. I don't need specifics, but it is helpful to see how fast operations scale up and how other have succeeded. Glen has shared some very useful information that will be a tool to help bankers understand the business. The craft market is great too and that is part of my proposal. Other successful distilleries in other parts of the country bolster the general case that this a growth market. I understand will that we are not just selling products, but selling our passion and our commitment to success. There is much agreement among those I talk to locally about the place for spirits in our local market and enthusiasm toward the project. I am excited and I hope to approach bankers after the new year. Karl
  4. Thanks! I am actually completely against investors as well. I am looking to work with a bank on a loan. I think I have a line on a used 250 gal still that will work very well for my vision. At the moment, I am waiting to hear about the FET reduction extension and looking at remodeling an old building in our downtown.
  5. Glenlyon, Thank you for that! That is really helpful. I understand the varieties of conditions, but illustrations of real world success in tasting rooms is useful and will be seductive to bankers.
  6. I know it is a long shot, but would anyone be willing to share some of their aggregate first year numbers privately? My SBDC advisor thinks that some actual numbers from actual tasting room sales would greatly strengthen my case with investors. My plan is to purchase GNS to produce gin and vodka while distilling my own whiskey and bourbon. I don't know if this is a realistic request and I know every circumstance is different, but some ballpark figures and percent growth in the beginning would be profoundly helpful. If you know of a source where I can this data, that would be helpful too. Thanks,
  7. Brandon, Would you be willing to talk to me about how you got to this point? I am thinking about doing exactly the same thing in Oshkosh. I even have an old building picked out that would be a great site. My email is sturgeonspirits @ g mail.com if you are willin! Karl
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