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  1. No stills in our business model, just sourcing barrels of whiskey. Which hopefully simplifies things with fire code. Thanks for the good info!
  2. Thank you for this reply. We're looking at a setup right now where the whiskey barrels (sourced) would be stored in a very secure ex-grain silo, and we would have an adjacent blending/bottling room. The Bottling room would be much easier to install a drain and sprinklers than the silo. But it sounds like in some cases the storage area would need a sprinkler system and maybe drainage. Probably best for us to contact local officials?
  3. Hello, I'm trying to locate a comprehensive list of DSP site requirements. Most notably I can't find information about whether the DSP, which in our case will not be operating any mashing/fermenting/distilling equipment, has any liquid drain requirements. Cheers!
  4. Thanks bluestar, that gives me lots to dig into.
  5. Hi all! Your forum is a wealth of knowledge, thank you for being here and for discussing in depth so many facets of whiskey making. I'm interested in sourcing, not distilling. If I have a house on a property with a very large shed/garage (not attached to the house), could that property legally become a DSP, so that we could store many barrels of sourced whiskey in the big shed? I know there are complications with the TTB if you're trying to operate a still within a residential property, but what about just storing lots of sourced whiskey? If it helps, the property will be in the state
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