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  1. Thank you. I have reached out to a couple but haven't heard back. The usual information I get from them is in regards to water content. I think I should have stated my interest lies with heirloom varieties. I realize there isn't a repository of corn information, or at least I haven't found it yet. Just trying to think about a couple different types of corn and what they can do on a small scale.
  2. I may be using the wrong keywords to search on Google to answer my question; I'm looking for a breakdown of nutritional information comparing corn varieties. Starch, sugar, etc. I know there's a lot of different types of corn out there, and I hear some are too oily if you wanted to make a corn whiskey from them. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  3. @captnKB thanks for the contact! We're already building out about three miles from your place. We're going with a 500 gallon Vendome hybrid. The city hasn't quite been a nightmare, but man are they tough on a lot of regulations. Honestly I think we were delayed almost two years fighting for what we could put in our place. @maddog I think we're all set with design with Overland. We're still making a couple of small changes to our internal equipment design, but we're building now and should be up and operational around April/May (if things go as planned). I'm moving to the area next month and would love to meet you guys and see your setups. FYI I'm from Fierce Whiskers Distillery
  4. Thanks for the reply glisade. I've been leaning to a removable false bottom, much like a brewery mashtun. This way I can sparge and produce in a similar way to a brewery for my wort. I figured a lot of people would be doing a grain-off ferment based on how scotch is produced. I've been trying to find information everywhere but it seems it all follows the same pattern. This industry, like many others, will continue down paths because "that's how it's always been done", and I'm still hoping for a difference based on science or some anecdotes. As for the barrels, I'm with you on the naming. I heard a rumor on the new/used debate for this category may also end up trying to mimic scotch in that regard. I'm not sure how that will happen, but the topic of this category becoming an official one has started and was actively talked about at the ADI conference in Denver this year.
  5. With the potential rise of an American single malt whiskey category, I was wondering what everyone's plan is for fermentation with grain? I.e. grain-off or grain-on fermentation/distilling? Stranahan's does grain-on ferments with grain-off distillation, FYI. How much of a flavor change would I reasonably expect from lautering versus keeping my traditional bourbon method (grain-on ferment and distillation)? I would like to follow my same path to avoid changes in equipment or process, but I'd much rather have a great product that may take the time and money to produce. Is the going idea to keep the Scotch method for making these in the US, or is there a particular reason not to introduce grains? I was thinking it might be an astringent flavor you'd get, similar to over rinsing grains for beer production. I also should ask about new versus used barrels for this whiskey as well. I know Scotch is a grain-off ferment into used barrels, but where do we think the American single malt is going to go? Thanks guys!
  6. New to the forum. Former Colorado brewer turned Texas distiller. We're hoping to be operational by April 2020, producing bourbon, rye, and single malt. I'm looking forward to combing through the forum, asking questions, and doing some contributing as well.
  7. What type/size of system? I'm starting a place in Austin, but I may know some people that could be interested is this. If you have any pictures, that would also be nice. Mike
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