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  1. It was used to power both. The still was a 200 gal pot still and the mash tun was a 300gal. We had no problems with this at all. Had it serviced the two years we had it. Let me know if you have anymore questions. My email is tyler@stilltheonedistillery.com
  2. Selling our Labeler GAI 601 for sale asking 3,000$ OBO. Please email tyler@stilltheonedistillery for more info and if interested. Cheers
  3. 2,325 Gallon Fermentor/Holding tank for sale. Asking 6,500$ or best offer. Please email tyler@stilltheonedistillery.com
  4. Selling a 2017 Classic Vertical Tubeless Fulton Boiler with two 300gal oil tanks. We are asking 13,000$ or best offer. Please email tyler@stilltheonedistillery.com
  5. Selling our 300gal Spokane Industries Mash Tun. Walk up, false bottom with an agitator. Asking 8,000$ or best offer. Please email tyler@stilltheonedistillery.com
  6. This is a 2009 8 gallon pot column still still in great condition. Great for small batches and for experimental batches. We we did vodka, whiskey, gins, rums and brandies. 16 plates for making vodka, the plates can be blocked to just run for other spirits. Asking 15,000 OBO Please email tyler@stilltheonedistillery.com if interested.
  7. Please send me your email to tyler@stilltheonedistillery.com and I will send you the dimensions. thanks
  8. This is a 200 Gallon Pot Column Arnold Holstein Still. Asking 55,000$ or best offer. For more information contact tyler@stilltheonedistillery.com
  9. This is a 250 gallon 23 palate Vendome vodka still. It only has 90 hours on it. Still in great condition. Asking 70,000$ or best offer. More info please email tyler@stilltheonedistillery.com
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