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  1. Yes @bluestar, I'm not looking to do Rhum agricole primarily. I may do a small batch to create a seperate product, but I'm mostly going to be pressing the cane juice, then creating a syrup from the juice with big kettles/cookers. I'm aware that it may not be a necessary step, seeing as I will already have fresh cane juice and could easily make rhum agricole at that point, but it's the approach that I'm looking for in regards to profile from the distillate. There's plenty out there in the way of describing rhum agricole vs. rum from molasses, but i'm mostly interested in rum from molasses vs rum from cane syrup. Any additional thoughts?
  2. Hi all, Is anyone out there making rum with cane syrup instead of molasses? If so, any plus/minus to the cane syrup? I'm aware of shelf stability and all that in regards to molasses, but are there any other significant kickers to cane syrup vs. molasses? Much appreciated!
  3. AndrosGold

    Biomass boiler?

    Hi all, I’m in the planning stages of an estate rum distillery. With being an estate distillery, we will have the opportunity to use our bagasse as a fuel source. Do any of you have any insight into why or why not do this? Also, any additional information as to how many BTU/hour/ton you get from your bagasse would be helpful information. I appreciate any response! Cheers!
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