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  1. Thank you - we had a Whiskey Systems demo the other day and it does seem pretty comprehensive. We found it odd that it doesn't do state specific calculations. But, it looks a little old school. But hey, if it works...
  2. Errors in the TTB reporting is very concerning. That should be basic blocking and tackling. Thank you for the feedback. Interested in hearing more opinions/experiences.
  3. We are evaluating our options here. Can anyone share experiences and thoughts around the choices in the market right now? Whiskey Systems, Hoochware, Distill x 5 (formerly Stillhouse), others? Any amd all feedback is very very much appreciated.
  4. One more thing. When you submit, make sure to only show the production/bonded space. As that is the DSP and technically you cannot have a tasting room inside your DSP. If you show the retail and tasting space, it may slow down the review and they may ask for revised drawings.
  5. We were approved recently and the TTB agent made sure to specifically confirm the seperation was floor to ceiling and secure. We do have a door and she made a point to confirm it was secured with appropriate approved locks. So, a door is acceptable.
  6. I called them. They then approved me in less than a week. This was less than a month ago. They seem to be prioritizing DSP applications, especially if you plan on doing hand sanitizer.
  7. My understanding is California ABC has said making Sanitizer free on condition of purchase of Alcohol is illegal.
  8. I am kind of a nerd for keeping track of data and documentation. Interested in seeing what anyone uses for analog (actual paper) tracking of runs and production. Any good book solutions? Preferred systems? A source for the books? Hoping I am not the only one!
  9. We are in the final phases of opening our DSP (great timing I know) - I would like to purchase used as much equipment as possible in order to support anyone out there who may be struggling. It seems to me it's better to put money in a fellow distillers pocket if at all possible. That said, we are looking for pretty much everything except a still and boiler. West Coast is preferred but can consider anywhere. Here is a partial list: Floor Scale Hoses Pumps Fermenters/tanks/totes (various sizes) Bottle Filler Hydrometers SS totes Small Sample Bottles Commercial Dishwasher Send me a note here if you have something. Best of luck and I hope everyone is getting by ok.
  10. Depending on your jurisdiction they may require something different. We are being required to have a full firewall between the spaces that goes past the ceiling through the attic to the roof.
  11. Hi There - Our split column still is missing one float switch and the relays for the reflux pumps. Can anyone link me to a recommendation for replacements? Thank you!
  12. 38°

    Water Quality Advice

    Great info, thank you for taking the time I appreciate it. On the hunt now for more water knowledge.
  13. 38°

    Water Quality Advice

    Thank you DrD. Is that because we would end up with cloudy or off flavors or both?
  14. 38°

    Water Quality Advice

    I know everyone is busy with hand sanitizer but thought I could bring this back to the top in the case anyone has input. Thanks!
  15. Hello - I am looking for some thoughts on our water quality as we are setting up operations here. We won't be doing mashes, just using it for boiler feed, cutting, cleaning and the occasional fruit fermenting. Here is the link if anyone can spare the time to give some experienced advice - we are Ebbetts Pass on the charts: https://ccwd.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2018-Water-Quality-Report.pdf From my layman's perspective, it looks like we are sitting very well for hardness in the boiler at 8.8 ppm. Also, non-detectible on Iron. Thoughts? Thank you again for any help!
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