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  1. Did you ever find a source for these? Also, looking for any 3+ year bourbon sources out there. Thanks
  2. We are in norcal. My understanding is that sprinkler systems are not required on existing buildings under a certain sq footage for some occupancy ratings. However, the existence of sprinklers does impact your fire wall requirements as well as MAQ. Search MAQ on here and you should find a ton of great information you can bring with you to the county planner.
  3. Can you shoot me a link to that printer @Hudson bay distillers ? Thanks!
  4. 38°


    Handwash sink required forums in the tasting room. We also have one in the bathroom and utility room in the production area. No three basin requirement for us. We are in Norcal. It'll really be up to your local jurisdiction Env. Health folks.
  5. We just went through the process and received our DSP, our experience was different than your advice - the agent called and told us "tasting rooms are not allowed in a DSP, please remove it from the drawing and only submit the DSP premises." So, pull info from the website all you want, I am just sharing what our actual, real life experience was. It's not the first time our experience was different than someone's theoretical expert opinion.
  6. Yes, do not include the non-DSP areas at all.
  7. What pumps do you typically recommend for this type of set up?
  8. Why mashed and fermented onsite? We partner with small locally breweries and wineries for our base. Its keeps the ecosystem local and supports more than just our business.
  9. I am not flaming you, and I'm not stressed either. Your post says you're selling them "a little over cost" (not at cost) and you have "a few 20,000 unit lots". I drew some conclusions that must not be accurate in your view. Good luck selling them.
  10. I just have to say, for those of us struggling to find small amounts of supplies, I have little sympathy for folks who hoarded by the tens of thousands.
  11. I would plan to pay for 12-18 months rent before you open your doors. Also, I would work into any lease an "out" after the first year if the federal, state, or county approvals do not come through.
  12. Following this one!
  13. Thank you everyone. Good choices out there it looks like.
  14. Thank you - we had a Whiskey Systems demo the other day and it does seem pretty comprehensive. We found it odd that it doesn't do state specific calculations. But, it looks a little old school. But hey, if it works...
  15. Errors in the TTB reporting is very concerning. That should be basic blocking and tackling. Thank you for the feedback. Interested in hearing more opinions/experiences.
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