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  1. Welcome Daniel I'm just across the river from you. Jerome
  2. How many other spirits were there in the style? if there were only 3-4 I would say no but if there were 100 I would say yes we were 3rd out of 100 of the finest spirits in the US
  3. I've been looking around for a location none of the good locations in town would allow me to store barrels. Is anyone aging in a storage facility off site? it just seems the easiest way to get around space cost fire etc considerations.
  4. Hello all I am new to the forum but not new to distilling. I recently lost my job in sales and thought it was time for a career change. I plan on taking the Artisan Distiller course at Niagara College in September but would love to gain some professional experience until then so if someone in the region is looking for someone who is passionate about the art pleases contact me. After the course I am not sure of what I will do I would love to open my own distillery but as I said I was recently unemployed. This is a great site thank you.
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