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  1. Inquire with these guys https://www.northeastbarrelcompany.com/all-barrels-1
  2. https://ultrapure-usa.com/services-2/distilleries-blenders-bottlers/
  3. post up your review once you've had a chance to use it a bit
  4. I have a similar setup on my trial still, 15 gallon keg, single 5500 watt element, 3" column. and I can run in reflux mode to get 195 or pot mode to get whatever output I desire. What type of heating controller do you run? Are your cooling lines separated or run in one continuous loop?
  5. creamy liquors, love em or hate em, I choose to love them!
  6. assuming you inherited this due to a death in the family, sorry to hear about that. There's some well respected members here that should be able to help you out.
  7. I'm in the packaging supply industry and unless you are able to stumble across someone with excess, you likely wont be able to get any for quite some time. The production mills I work with are between 4 weeks to as high as 20 weeks out for these smaller containers. the shorter lead times are if you are purchasing by the trailer load.
  8. talk to @Southernhighlander
  9. I don't know what your volume or run sizes are, but the type of labeler you would need would likely cost more than it would to have quality labels produced for you. As bluestar pointed out, you'd need a coating applied to prevent them from being affected by the spirits. I can assist in sourcing labels for you as this is part of what i do for my day job.
  10. @highwood28, my day job just purchased 400 cases of your hand sanitizer, I have some happy customers!
  11. There needs to be physical separation (floor to ceiling wall or partition and not just a railing) between the bonded distillery production area and the (not part of your DSP premises) tasting room/serving area/sales area.
  12. So a Dr will now be distilling his own alcohol, interesting... crazy times indeed
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