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  1. Thats a great idea Tim. I see those old cast iron radiators being sold on facebook marketplace all the time. People just trying to get rid of them. I'll be looking a bit more into integrating one or two into a hot water return line
  2. many ferment in food grade poly, I see no issue with RO in poly unless your letting it sit in the sun for a year or more before using, similar to the disposable water bottle circumstances
  3. Thanks Thatch. I was under the impression the sensor should be less than 18" from floor level, glad to hear that must be correct. Makes sense to place the main unit somewhere convenient and easily accessible.
  4. Older thread, I know.... Those with the RKI PS2 unit, is there a recommended location for it to be mounted? Height from floor would need to make a difference as well?
  5. Thanks for pointing out that, have you devised a plan to track those purchases to prevent your losses?
  6. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Nice site, would be nice if you linked to and contained images and information about your product offerings
  7. Thank you guys, confirmed my assumptions that I needed a 60 amp breaker. Appreciate the insight
  8. Planning some electrical upgrades to accompany a larger electric still. I'll be purchasing the materials and need some input. Unit will be heated with 2 5500 watt 240 volt elements. Looks like total line run will be about 55 feet. Do I use a 6/3 wire and a 50 amp double pole GFCI breakers or does this require a 60 amp breaker? https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/products/11-000-watt-moonshine-still-controller-electric-heating-elements-tri-clamp-boxes
  9. Welcome aboard. Good times for the industry and at the same time, tough times for the industry!
  10. Direct infusion is what you are doing with the coriander and juniper, vapor infusion is what you are doing with the rest put in the gin basket.
  11. curious of the difference would be if you were to direct infuse vs vapor infuse. I see your new unit now has a gin basket...
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