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  1. I've been seeing Kveik mentioned allot lately all over the brewing scene. Guess I'll need to obtain some and give it a whirl
  2. Like seeing the progress and continued support for your products. I'm surprised though that you don't receive any criticism for shipping them out uncovered like that. If I was receiving one of these I surely would want it to be a showpiece as well and would be very disappointed in the case of any damages, even scratches. would expect at least a pallet cover stretch wrapped to the still, but that's just me.
  3. I say you pull one now, and let one rest for a good taste comparison
  4. your best bet is likely to meet some of your fellow local distillers and speak of their systems and reporting practices
  5. Those small barrels that are found online and geared towards the consumer are OK quality at best. I've used a few on occasion and have had no issues, but you'll find many of the reviews are due to the consumer not properly conditioning the barrel to store liquid. I do know that The barrel Mill has a few divisions, one of which makes barrels as small as 1 US gallon. https://www.creativebarrel.com/configure-your-barrel/. Maybe get in touch with them to discuss your wishes.
  6. I had no issues. Send an email to admin@distilling.com, they are very responsive
  7. Thanks @Thatch Does this mean when I submit my layout I would only attach like the second image here and not even include the non DSP area? Yes, very crude, but thats my skill!
  8. Finalizing some of the plans for my small distillery. After reading much information, I know that I should not include my tasting room and retail space as part of the DSP. Those areas will be separated from the DSP via floor to ceiling wall with man door. The question I have is that my restroom space is only accessible from the tasting room, so when I show my layout for the DSP, there will be no restroom. Do I need to modify my plan so that the restroom is accessible from both areas?
  9. Have you looked at Hoochware yet? That's who I'm leaning towards https://www.hoochware.com/
  10. I laugh every time I hear that which is typically a few times per day. I'm a LEAN Certified packaging advisor for my day job. Stretch film is what you are using, shrink film is what is around your cases of water. Shoot me a message if you'd like some competitive pricing on your materials.
  11. Are you hand wrapping or by machine? For my day job I'm a packaging material supplier.
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