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  1. Currently looking around for some rye barrels. Pricing is fairly important. Looking for value. If you have any leads or have some available, let me know either by commenting or messaging me. Open to any and all sources both in the US and other countries (Canada, Europe, etc) . I noted no MGP because I already have a connection to get some. Thanks, Gene
  2. Update: Found them on Saverglass. Pricing and quality was fantastic
  3. That's it! Do they sell these bottles in America?
  4. I'm looking for some of the taller thin "wine style" or "armanac" style bottles. Same as the older KBD bottlings or the Van Winkle stuff. Thanks, Gene
  5. Hello, My partner and I have recieved a number of inquiries about helping some start up distilleries. I thought I would offer our services to others. We have experience in the following areas: whiskey , rum , GNS and premade gin sourcing blending finishing contract bottling for distilleries whose facilities aren't yet ready label design and review marketing via social media distribution and online retail sales If anyone needs help, we would be happy to provide it. Message me and we can talk. Thanks, Gene
  6. I'm ordering a truckload from MGP and don't need the entire truck. PM me if interested I can do the following: 2014 36 rye bourbon - $2800 2015 21 rye bourbon - $2350 2006-7 light whiskey - $1500
  7. I've reached out to them. No luck. They mainly do volume sales.
  8. Thanks, but I'm looking for full barrels, not empty
  9. We recently recieved our trademarks and are looking to license Just Another Vodka to distilleries in other states. If interested, don't hesitate to reach out with a message and we can talk.
  10. Thanks. I did check them out briefly. They only had one option which wasn't what I was looking for and it was 50-60% more than I was quoted for a pallet of the ones I wanted. It made more sense to just get a pallet at that point.
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