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  1. So the simple answer to my question, " is there an industry "standard rule on thumb on head cut percent's is, NO, too many variables. I thought as much but was hoping there was. Thanks for your input.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have been distilling for quite awhile and realize there are a lot of variables. I was just wondering for forecasting, if I could use an accepted industry standard, a percent loss of the gross batch run.. I wanted to backup my cost projections with a generally accepted loss of heads. for a grain bill that I have not done. I'll just use my past experience. I was hoping to give 3rd party validly to my numbers. Thanks again Bob
  3. Do most large distillers cut a predetermined percent of their run for their head control. Dose the grain bill radically change the head percent of the run? Is there a general rule of thumb that the industry accepts for percent of Heads of the total run? I am not talking about the art or style. JUST a generally accepted percent or do they mostly use temperature control to determine the cut.
  4. What a great informative thread. It validated some of the procedures that I have been doing and got me thinking about changes I could try to improve my skills.
  5. Hi Tim & Kris I am new to this site. I live in Tucson. I have been distilling for a while. I am setting up a distillery in Obregon, Son., Mexico. Considering one in Bisbee AZ Started the 1st commercial winery in AZ 1980 SOLD IT 1996 Good to see some other guys close by. Be fun to get to know each other, if you guys don't mind an ole fart. Bob
  6. I had the same problem. I gave a buddy one of my old reflux stills that I could get 160 proof easily. All he could get was 70 proof. he had a propane burner that was putting out too much heat at the lowest setting and the temp shot past the sweet spot and was picking up water.. We put in a smaller burner that could hold the temp 170 -190 F AND WE GOT it making 170 p
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