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  1. Yeah, I've been in contact with Richard Priess from Escarpment Labs and have also used Voss in my beer brewing days so I've got the basics down, I just had some serious concerns about overall viability so went a little overboard.
  2. Hindsight is definitely 20/20 in a lot of this situation. After getting this situation under control I'll be starting fresh with everything so that level of control will be very, very important.
  3. I'm all for questioning the "slurry". I've been questioning it since day one, however the fact that it was able to ferment 650 gal of 1.085 right down to 1.006 tells me that there is only, at max, 6 points of truly unfermentable sugars/materials in the recipe. I notice now that I didn't mention my Amlyase addition but I threw in approx 300mL of enzyme to each 1300 batch (150mL per turn at 130F). This alone should be enough to break down any higher-order sugars/starches. The taste of all 4 batches is still a little sweet but not syrup-y. Theyre definitely foamy from fermentation so gravi
  4. It was absolutely heavy, but I had no data on yeast health or what specific steps were taken during the step-up process so I was very concerned about under-pitching, particularly at 1.085. Unfortunately no pH; When I took over fermentation management the pH meter available to me was broken so only got one (very questionable) reading from 2 tanks early on in the first fermentation both of those were around 3.5 so I cut back on my backset in the second-half fills (first fills had closer to 250gal per 750gal batch). I'm definitely flying blind on that and it's really something I want to get naile
  5. Hi Guys, I've got myself a stuck fermentation and I'm looking for some suggestions. My fermentation situation was/is not exactly optimal from the beginning but I'm working with what I've got and trying to make it happen. Now for the info-dump: 4 fermentors. All with nearly identical specs (I will give metric ranges for simplicity) 3/4 have stalled. 1300 gallons of wash in each. Each tank was filled ~650gal, given 10 days, then topped off. (I know this was not optimal) All washes began between between 1.083-1.087. All washes fermented out to approx 1.006 before the f
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