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  1. DMA 5000 for us .. And we use lab glass for anything with obscuration
  2. I curios how many people here use the obscuration method of proofing ? Are you guys using all glass set ups ? What size samples are you using for your setups ?
  3. How do I get the update ? Great product btw !!!
  4. http://www.acesanitary.com/products/tsc-silicone-covered-smooth-bore what we are using to move spirit over 60%ABV, http://www.acesanita...-discharge And these hoses for mash and non alcohol liquids
  5. Knoll America, Just picked them up as a American distributor ... I believe we got the first demo to test, we liked them so much we bought 2 to replace our other pumps...... Pm if you need more info
  6. http://www.debem.it/saniboxer-pompe-alimentari-farmaceutiche-3A.htm We use these pumps with great results ....
  7. The Obscuration method of proofing is a tedious process..... Are you doing the volume measuring at 60f ?
  8. I use them .... What style are you looking at ?
  9. Our stilliage is all corn based
  10. Local farmers pick up all of our stilliage, We have it tested at the university of Tennessee and there is a average of 22-25% protein left in our stillage and less than 1% abv. It makes great feed ...
  11. What about a hard copy of ttb tables 1-6 that could be helpful also....
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