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  1. Need source for used bourbon barrels

    Pm Me I can help you
  2. What is everyone using for proofing?

    DMA 5000 for us .. And we use lab glass for anything with obscuration
  3. Obscuration method of proofing

    I curios how many people here use the obscuration method of proofing ? Are you guys using all glass set ups ? What size samples are you using for your setups ?
  4. Three cheers for AlcoDens

    How do I get the update ? Great product btw !!!
  5. Hose composition

    http://www.acesanitary.com/products/tsc-silicone-covered-smooth-bore what we are using to move spirit over 60%ABV, http://www.acesanita...-discharge And these hoses for mash and non alcohol liquids
  6. Emptying Whiskey Casks

    Knoll America, Just picked them up as a American distributor ... I believe we got the first demo to test, we liked them so much we bought 2 to replace our other pumps...... Pm if you need more info
  7. Emptying Whiskey Casks

    http://www.debem.it/saniboxer-pompe-alimentari-farmaceutiche-3A.htm We use these pumps with great results ....
  8. Correcting ABV by adding GNS

    The Obscuration method of proofing is a tedious process..... Are you doing the volume measuring at 60f ?
  9. Vendome mash cooker

    I use them .... What style are you looking at ?
  10. Road Trip to east coast distilleries, where to go?

    ole smoky moonsnine could be a good stop
  11. Disposing of spent mash?

    Our stilliage is all corn based
  12. Disposing of spent mash?

    Local farmers pick up all of our stilliage, We have it tested at the university of Tennessee and there is a average of 22-25% protein left in our stillage and less than 1% abv. It makes great feed ...
  13. Hardcopy of CFR regs

    What about a hard copy of ttb tables 1-6 that could be helpful also....
  14. Sources for enzymes, chemicals

    Novozymes, Is a great company for enzymes
  15. Alcohol Dilution

    How aucrate is AlcoDens