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  1. RyanB

    Used 3G and 5G Bourbon Barrels

    No we don't have any rye barrels at this time, sorry. Feel free to PM if you are interested in the bourbon barrels and we can chat offline. Thanks
  2. We have a few hundred used 3 and 5 gallon (once and twice used) barrels available for sale. All of them were previously used to age bourbon and some were used a second time for a malt whiskey. These are from a couple different barrel suppliers and all are char level 3. Prices start at $85/pc but we can do bulk deals for a better price. If interested please contact Jeff at 512-576-0653.
  3. We have moved on to larger equipment and have 2 pieces available for sale: LabelOne Connect Square Bottle Labeler - we paid $7,500 for this piece. It is a semi-automatic pneumatic labeler and we have the book and instructions. It's fully programable, but depending upon bottle you may need to modify the mold that holds the bottle. Willing to entertain all offers. Weil-Mclain 40k BTU boiler. Currently setup for propane, but can be easily changed to nat gas. We used this to heat up a small 40g still. Will entertain all offers. Please let us know if interseted and we can send you pictures of the equipment. It is located in Houston, Texas sales@yellowrosedistilling.com
  4. We met the goal and are opening up to the public on September 20th, thanks for helping get our link shared out! Going through the city permitting process has been a joy. I have admiration for anyone who has gone through this in the past in other major cities. We figured moving would be an interesting process with the TTB and local ABC, but the city has been the real challenge. For any of you who want to visit, just give us a call, we are now back on track! Sorry we missed you Turtle, things were crazy for a while.... We are keeping the existing still, it's a great piece and I think we may do some trial runs in there when we can. It made an ADI Best in Class Bourbon in 2013, so how can we really get rid of it! -Ryan
  5. I am the owner at Yellow Rose Distilling, Houston’s first legal whiskey distillery. After several years of planning, Yellow Rose is in the process of building a new distillery and tasting room, in the heart of Houston. We are well on their way, but it’s now time to install the equipment and setup the tasting room. These are very exciting times and we want you to be involved! Yellow Rose is using a cool program called Kickstarter (www.kickstarter.com) to help engage the local community and raise awareness of our brand. If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s an online site that allows startup businesses to reward friends, customers and others with special amenities. In exchange, givers provide a donation to help the business complete a specified task. In the case of Yellow Rose, we are raising $25,000 to help with the build-out of the distillery and tasting room. In exchange, some really cool rewards are being offered. Example rewards include, whiskey barrels, maple syrup, whiskey barrel bar tables, special events, private parties, mixology classes and distillery training classes. There are some higher end rewards, that I hope many of you will find interesting and helpful. We are offering single day and week long learning experiences. We already have 4 Double Gold medal winning whiskeys, and many have asked if we already offer classes to learn the distilling, distribution, sales and marketing sides of owning a distillery. This is your opportunity to help a new distillery and learn more of the craft for yourself. This is the perfect opportunity for someone who is interested in starting their own distillery. The power of this campaign is in numbers. Even small donations and rewards add up quickly if we can get everyone on board! Kickstarter is unique because it is all or nothing! If we make our goal, we will get funded, but if we do not reach our goal, we get nothing. Please consider our request and help us get the word out about our campaign! At the conclusion of the Kickstarter we will be hosting a “go green” event celebrating the success and opening of our distillery. We hope you can join us, it will be a great time! Thanks for your support and time, Ryan Baird www.start.yellowrosedistilling.com
  6. Yellow Rose Distilling is a new distillery located just North of Houston, Texas. Our DSP permit came in at the end of last year and we are in the process of working with the state. We expect our permiting to be complete by the end of January. We will initially focus on our Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey made from 100% Texas organic corn and aged in small oak barrels. Later in the year we will likely launch a single malt as well. Feel free to visit us on the web at www.yellowrosedistilling.com. We are excited about the ADI community and have used many of the supplier suggestions already to help with our launch. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us! thanks, Yellow Rose Distilling
  7. RyanB

    Daily and Monthly Reporting Methods

    Thanks for the replies. I am thinking about the spreadsheet + QB method. If I had time I would build a database with forms to replace the spreadsheets for daily logs. You could then setup a datalink to Excel and pull the data into the TTB forms. Someone should do that as a business opportunity, it would be helpful. Anyone using QB for daily logging?
  8. Hello, We are brand new distillery recently licensed by the FED and working on our state license. I expect to have it done by mid-January and will then be off and running. Our operation is starting off very small so I am interested in simple solutions when they can be obtained (but I have not found one yet for this exercise) One of the major hurdles it seems everyone faces is taking the time to track daily activities and then complete the monthly and quarterly reports. We use Quickbooks for our accounting software but I am interested in what others are doing to comply with the regulations on monthly reports as well as daily logs. It seems many are using QB Manufacturing or POS and there are others that use the online distillingsolutions product. Any comments on other solutions and / or how to integrate this into your daily logs. Are you keeping paper logs and then re-entering the information into the computer on a regular basis? What has been your success with these systems? Thanks for the help in advance! Ryan Yellow Rose Distilling