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  1. I represent one of the founders of a California Craft Distillery (License Type 74) who is leaving the business and is considering selling some or all of their shares. The distillery is profitable and located in a beautiful California coastal town with excellent tourist infrastructure. The distillery has a fully functioning management team, the tasting room is up and running, a talented and enthusiastic distiller is on board, wholesale and retail channels are in place. Possibility to acquire either a minority interest in this distillery or a controlling majority, so this could be a possibility for a silent investor, or someone who wants to be hands on and fully involved in growing and scaling this business. For more information, please email me at omnisquare@gmail.com.
  2. We are looking for a second still to increase our production capacity. Is anyone upgrading to a larger system and maybe thinking about selling their smaller capacity still? We currently have a Carl still, made in Germany, that we like very much. Any German made still would be our first choice, but willing to look at other manufacturers as well. Doesn't have to be huge - will consider anything ranging from 150 liter to 1000 liter charge. Any leads will be much appreciated! Contact me if at 650-283-4721, or ulli@hmbdistillery.com Thank you!
  3. Where are these located and how much are you asking for them? Thanks! ulli@hmbdistillery.com
  4. Hi, If you still have any of this Bourbon for sale, please contact me! We are interested. ulli@hmbdistillery.com Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I got a personal call today from CA State Senator Jerry Hill, one of the co-authors of AB 1233, and apparently it died on the assembly floor. What do we California distillers have to do to get a little bit of a break for our business models? What a bummer! Sen. Hill said that they might try again later this year - I am beginning to think that we should be a little more organized and united - maybe start lobbying them a bit more and become more visible!?
  6. Hi Chris, Come visit our distillery in Half Moon Bay next time you drive down the coast! We are not open to the public, but love having visitors by appointment. Come by for a tasting! www.hmbdistillery.com
  7. Hi there, Very interested in your still. Do you have a photo? Who is the manufacturer, and where is it located? I will call you tomorrow, Ulli
  8. Hi Daniel, I have a 150 l Carl still for sale. Let me know if you are interested. I will also post it in the "for sale" section and try to get some pictures uploaded. Call me if you are interested Ulli 650-283-4721
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