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  1. when the vapor in hotter than the surrounding air it will rise.
  2. Try www.hechoinc.com They design and build bars, restaurants and shops.
  3. that looks like something we would install to rinse espresso glasses like here.. http://www.espressoparts.com/RinsersDipperwells
  4. I own and operate 2 bar restaurants in Brooklyn New York and get bottles from 2 distillerys in Brooklyn and we are not charged for delivery, also at net 30 days.
  5. International Barrel Symposium http://www.amazon.com/International-Barrel-Symposium-ST-Louis/dp/B000Q9RIQY
  6. It will depend on a lot of things, if you have good water pressure and the size of the water main going to your building In new York city its 350$ a sprinkler head for a new system and less if you are just moving the heads around. and in general you need one head every 12 feet, and one in every room and could be more if they want some sort of fire curtain or a path of egress that will need a different configuration. If your water service is not large enough up grading to a larger service can be from 6k to 25k depending on a lot of things, # of heads water pressure , the need for a back flow prevention and is the system going to be monitored by a fire alarm which is something different all together.
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