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  1. Afilters

    Filtering / Separation of Colloids (Liqueurs)

    Holy crap it's been a year since I have been on here! Just below freezing like 28 degrees. Sorry for the delay. Best way to reach me is alex@findlow-filters.com
  2. Afilters

    Filtering herbal macerations (Fernet)

    You always have to filter as it is going to presented in the bottle. Never filter before and then add something later. I'd be glad to help you, Alex
  3. Afilters

    Gin Cloudiness

    I can help you with this. It's a very simple fix through filtration. Thanks, Alex
  4. Afilters

    Cloudy Sprit

    If you need help cleaning this up, I'd be glad to. It's a simple fix. Alex
  5. Afilters

    Filtering / Separation of Colloids (Liqueurs)

    You may have to chill it and filter it in order to get the haze out. Chilling causes the separation which in turn allows the filter to remove the haze forming particles. Should not effect any flavors or colors at this stage. If you have more questions, feel free to ask, Alex
  6. Please call me. I have a filtering question.

    Jack 203-592-7793


  7. I can help you with dewatering if need be.
  8. Afilters

    Sediment in Brandy (Grappa) after Bottling

    Are you still needing help with this? Thanks, Alex
  9. Afilters

    Another option for separating grain/wort?

    Anyone interested in dewatering, I would be glad to send you more info. Thanks, Alex
  10. Afilters

    Filter press for dewatering

    Lets be honest here, none of the screen technologies are going to offer a dewatered cake like the filter press mentioned above.....
  11. Afilters

    Filtering / Separation of Colloids (Liqueurs)

    It's not a function of fluid dynamics theory. It's a mechanical filtration function.
  12. Afilters

    Filtering / Separation of Colloids (Liqueurs)

    Greg, By pulling (or suction) on a filter, the particles you are removing with more or less "lay" on the filtration media. If you push through (pressure) you will get better use of the filtration media as you will force debris to be bound in the media. Suction causes premature failure of a filter cartridge. Pressure allows more debris to be imbedded into the actual filter media. If you send me your email, I can forward what I can help with on your haze issue. Thanks, Alex