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  1. I am looking for someone who can provide me with drawings, designs and specs for a 250 gal whiskey still. I will fabricate everything locally. Thanks, Jason
  2. I was wondering if anybody on this forum has explored other alternatives for the heat source of their stills. Instead of using a steam jacket or open flame, how about circulating hot oil around the bottom of the still? Any thoughts? Jason
  3. Grossmiller

    Illinois Distillery

    Hey Toby, Sorry things didn't work out here in Phoenix. I wish you the best of luck in Chicago and I hope to see some of your spirits down here soon! Good Luck and Cheers, Jason
  4. Hello Everybody, Just wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction to get some numbers on the Microdistillery Boom. I know that the number of Microdistilleries has doubled within the last couple of years, but how are they doing? What kind of market share do the Microdistilleries have? I have looked at some of the numbers that DISCUS has and it seems that they just have numbers for premium and super-premium brands. What percentage of these catagories do the small producers have? Cheers, Jason
  5. Grossmiller

    Total assets for a distillery

    Thank you, Paul. Just trying to add as many assets to the business as I can. Also thank you for approaching the question without prejudice. Jason
  6. Grossmiller

    Total assets for a distillery

    I am trying to write a business plan for an SBA loan and would like to find as many assets for the business as I can.
  7. Grossmiller

    Total assets for a distillery

    Is there a standard depreciation percentage for Stills, Tanks, Barrels, Bottles, etc..? How well does the equipment hold its value? How much of an asset is the equipment? Thanks, Jason
  8. Grossmiller

    Offerings for Investors

    Thank you guys for your response. You have been a lot of help.
  9. Grossmiller

    Offerings for Investors

    Hello, I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts as far as what is a fair share to give investors i.e. Equity stake, Stock options etc.. Thanks
  10. Grossmiller

    Long time Lurker--two time registered

    Hey Joe, Welcome to the forum! Great sense of humor! Good Luck with your venture!
  11. Grossmiller

    Tequila in Missouri

    We are working with a company in Mexico to see if we would be able to ferment the agave wine and bottle here. They are checking with the Mexican authorities to see if we can do this and call it Tequila. Let you know what happens.
  12. Grossmiller

    Hello Everyone!!

    Welcome, Ben!! Good Luck!!
  13. Grossmiller

    Hello Everyone!!

    Thank you, George! We are currently in talks with two companies for our still. good luck in Vegas!!! Jason
  14. Grossmiller


    Also joining the party a little late, but better late than never. please add: Tombstone Spirits LLC 25 W. Southern Tempe, AZ 85282 To the list of companies that are in the licensing process. Thank you, Jason Grossmiller
  15. Grossmiller

    Hello Everyone!!

    Thank you, Jonathan!!