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  1. The answer to this question is likely heavily dependant on the type of still you are running, and therefore very subjective. (perhaps adding pictures of yours, or listing the make/manufacturer might help?) We dont run anything lower than 130 proof on our still, which is when fatty acids (turquoise floaties) start to appear (obviously depending on type of base material we're distilling) However, we have the only still like ours in the US, so i doubt anyone uses the same settings we do.
  2. I hadnt thought about that either... given these are used bourbon barrels... what do you guys do? use a sander and sand off the previous DSP information?
  3. And this is why im not too worried, because i can trace all the barrels, to all the gauge records and package records. I can account for each drop, which ,i'd think, is really what they care about. Still, it had not occurred to me to staple labels to the barrels.. the only reason I've done it how i have was because all attempts to affix paper labels to parts of the barrels have failed I think I will give staples a try, since my barrel heads are already pretty crowded with jack daniels identification information Thanks for all that info though! much appreciated
  4. maybe so... cross that bridge when we come to it
  5. of course as soon as i post a question... i find my own answer! sheesh.. oh well,, for the group, so you dont have to hunt https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/27/19.485
  6. Hi all, hoping the neural network can help me out here, im going nuts. I know there is a TTB form or circular somewhere that gives the rules for how to create a barrel identification string, I know it exists because i have used it before... but for the life of me, i cant find it anymore. I DID find this page: https://ttb.gov/spirits/common_compliance_tax_issues-during-audits-ds.shtml But i know there is a part where it says you use the 2 digits of the year, then letters A - L to represent which month, then the 2 digit day... but i cant find that page, nor to i remember if anything else needs to be in the string. Help? thanks
  7. I have been printing stickers with the pertinent information on the rack underneath the barrels, then covering the stickers with clear tape to protect. probably not strictly legal, but when using reused barrels that already have info printed on the heads, there's not much room for new info. hopefully any auditor would see we're making best effort
  8. For those that struggle with managing multiple social media accounts/platforms... "If This Then That" can be an invaluable tool for posting once across multiple platforms. You can make it so that you post once to your FB Page, and it does instgram and twitter too... I highly recommend checking it out and playing with it! https://ifttt.com/ It can be very helpful for many other facets of daily life too.. I get an email alert when the weather in my area is supposed to rain, for example. very useful!
  9. sorry my bad.. thats who we use to test other stuff... this is who we used to test water. http://www.torrentlab.com/
  10. this is who we use.. but its in California https://www.etslabs.com/home
  11. Hey Michael, I seem to recall us having this conversation before...but would it be possible to track down any documentation that indicates a UL rating (specifically NOT ATEX, which our fire guys do not accept as a recognized rating) for the SimpleSpirits AOD pump TCW sells? I managed to find the attached datasheet, but there's nothing that indicates which model this is for. Distillery Pump - UL Sheet.pdf
  12. Thats great news. congrats on diagnosing the problem
  13. Once its beverage alcohol, as opposed to "industrial" its UN3065. That might be pedantic given the MSDS conditions are exactly the same, the percent alcohol doesn't change, I can only relay what the California DOT told me
  14. Sounds like a back pressure issue. Did this just start ot has it always done that? Does it only do it when you're running at 95%if you lower it to 90 do you still get the pulsation? Might be useful to share a pic of the still.
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