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  1. Classick

    Water Testing

    sorry my bad.. thats who we use to test other stuff... this is who we used to test water. http://www.torrentlab.com/
  2. Classick

    Water Testing

    this is who we use.. but its in California https://www.etslabs.com/home
  3. Classick

    PP body for spirit transfer pump

    Hey Michael, I seem to recall us having this conversation before...but would it be possible to track down any documentation that indicates a UL rating (specifically NOT ATEX, which our fire guys do not accept as a recognized rating) for the SimpleSpirits AOD pump TCW sells? I managed to find the attached datasheet, but there's nothing that indicates which model this is for. Distillery Pump - UL Sheet.pdf
  4. Classick

    Pulsing Still

    Thats great news. congrats on diagnosing the problem
  5. Classick

    MSDS for Ethanol 85% Concentration

    Once its beverage alcohol, as opposed to "industrial" its UN3065. That might be pedantic given the MSDS conditions are exactly the same, the percent alcohol doesn't change, I can only relay what the California DOT told me
  6. Classick

    Pulsing Still

    Sounds like a back pressure issue. Did this just start ot has it always done that? Does it only do it when you're running at 95%if you lower it to 90 do you still get the pulsation? Might be useful to share a pic of the still.
  7. Classick

    Proofing using Gauging Manual Table 6

    Sending you a PM now.
  8. Classick

    Proofing using Gauging Manual Table 6

    Not sure if this helps, but according to the gauging manual:
  9. Classick


    dont stress about it too much. as long as you are using certified stems, and a certified thermometer, should be just fine. We eyeballed our proofing using hydrometers and thermometers for 15 years before we got our DDM 2911... and when we did, we did some side by side comparisons.. our manual measuring was usually within .05 degrees of proof... we were pretty satisfied by that That being said.. getting a density meter should be a goal of all distillers i think... these things are awesome. plug in a little sample, and badda bing badda boom your got your measurement AND records for proof
  10. Classick

    Transfer Spirits FROM BW -to- DSP?

    That is some fantastic info... thank you for the effort and explanation
  11. So, looks like we're making the whole area H3... Sigh. "They" want your business in their city, then tell you all the ways you can't do it...
  12. When I called them to inquire about the product I specifically asked about the temperature range. I suggested that our still gets between 200 and 230 degrees and she said that wasn't a problem at all. If you click that first link apparently shelter Point Distillery used this application and they have this as a case study on their website period I actually put in a call to shelter Point Distillery to see if they were happy with the product I'm hoping somebody gets back to me.
  13. haha true that. just helps with the brainstorming is all
  14. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has used this product before: http://pro.everbritecoatings.com/portfolio/shelter-point-distillery/ (aside from shelter point obviously) As Im sure you can all relate to, polishing the still and keeping it nice and new penny shiny is a pain in the butt. I was just looking into any high heat coatings that might work for helping to keep the copper looking nice and came across this stuff. I spoke with tech services, and they said they did even make an ethanol resistant version of it, to protect against drips and what not. We currently use a citric acid wash to clean (or left over wine), and then we polish with a metal polish, but after a week of operations the luster wears off and its back to old penny look. Thoughts?