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  1. Hello everyone, I've actually introduced myself a few years ago when but haven't really been active since. Now my activity on this forum is about to skyrocket because I'm working at a distillery in Mo helping the distiller. I'm looking forward to the challenges this opportunity will bring! -mike
  2. What about vaccum filtration? There are several large scale vaccum filtration devices that fulfill a varitey of indrustral uses. Also, I don't know if it would help but besides Carbon you could try a molecular sieve. I counldn't tell you if they are more efficeint in terms of cost and time but they can seperate ethanol & water from azmotropic concentrations, so in theory you would only ever need one pass with them. GM
  3. I infused a bottle of vodka with a few fresh spinich leafs for a St. Patrics party. The amount of 'green' relative to flavor is such that I couldn't taste the spinish. This lack of flavor would probably depend on the intensity of green that you are going forl; I was just going for a light translucent green to make my martini's look intreging and festive. (about 3x darker than cucumber juice) GM
  4. Hello all, I'm really glad I've come upon the ADI site and this forum! There is an impressive wealth of information here and I'm reading through it whenever I can! Currently I'm in the process of writing out my business plan, and that requires a lot of facts to base it on, so than you everybody for sharing what you have! Me, I'm graduating college this Dec with my degree in chemistry. What initially interested me in distilling was a story I heard on All Things Considered where they were interviewing the author of chasing the white dog and I thought, "Distillation of alcohol?... I distill more dangerous compounds in lab all the time!" Ever since then I've started learning what I can and it's lead me here! I've written a list of at-least 100 questions i feel i need to find answers to before I'm ready to take the entrepreneurship plunge, and the few business classes I've snuck into this semester are helping with some of them, and I'm confident I'll find the rest here! Thanks again Mike
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