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  1. HottyToddy77

    Louisiana molasses and sugar suppliers

    so what mix of molasses and sugar do you use 50/50?
  2. HottyToddy77


    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EAAAK74/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have used this in various applications should work.
  3. HottyToddy77

    Louisiana molasses and sugar suppliers

    Who are you using for bulk molasses and sugar in Louisiana? We called several Mills and they were all contracted out to bigger sugar companies.
  4. anyone had any feedback from joeraya?
  5. HottyToddy77

    Seeking recommendations for Best Stills

    yes but heat often brings out desirable flavors. So it would definitely be different or unique.
  6. HottyToddy77

    Seeking recommendations for Best Stills

    Vacuum stills are only useful in specific applications, such as rum made from blackstrap molasses
  7. HottyToddy77

    Seeking recommendations for Best Stills

    you really need a Column still for vodka, but most people don't make vodka from scratch. never seen one in person but these interest me. http://www.headframestills.com/stills/ ASD seems to have a good name I run a Vendome great column still
  8. HottyToddy77

    Seeking recommendations for Best Stills

    how do you plan to "make" your vodka? planned volume?
  9. can I get some more information on the universal labler. critt77matt@yahoo.com
  10. HottyToddy77

    Bubbleplate Vodka Column FOR SALE - Artisan Still Design

    do you have a blue print type drawing of this column? do you just put the wash in the pot at the bottom or is it fed into the column?
  11. HottyToddy77

    Air or electric agitator?

    go electric. you can get xp motors and vfd's to adjust speed
  12. HottyToddy77

    Blending/ Proofing tank

    I was thinking of getting a stainless tote
  13. HottyToddy77

    New barrel providers?

    We have been happy with our ZAK barrels. They ship their barrels on pallets for no extra charge which we like. ZAK barrels seal up tight and almost never leak, I cannot say the same for 2 other companies we tried. Haven’t tried ISC yet.
  14. HottyToddy77

    Solera Aging Whiskey

    yes that is what would need to be done. True Solera uses all previously used barrels also? Not sure if there is much difference between solera and "vatting" (and possibly finishing in a different barrel). not sure what you end goal is.
  15. HottyToddy77

    Solera Aging Whiskey

    Age statement can be an issue