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  1. HottyToddy77

    Forking Forklift Questions

    We went with an Aerican Made Crown FC 5000lb electric forklift, lugged cushion tire. I was going propane but the electric just seemed better to us after a demo. with electric your turn radius is smaller because one wheel can counter rotate. we went with the small battery and it last us 2 weeks between charges. we charge at night while it isn't needed. Did i mention it is faster and smoother than propane. after having the forklift for a year the only thing I don't like is that the lugged tires bring gravel back inside. Should have went with the smooth non-marking option. https://www.crown.com/en-us/forklifts/fc-sit-down-counterbalanced-truck.html
  2. HottyToddy77

    Cleaning columns and bubble plates

    be careful on the cleaning agent. Acids can and will eat your copper, so neutralize or use a base cleaner like pbw. we clean our column 2-4 times per year.
  3. HottyToddy77

    work boots that hold up

    6 months and I generally get new shoes because the sole is wore out and lost support, but the shoe may have plenty of tread left. with boots you work in 1 year max. some wear and how long shoes last depends on how you walk and your weight. The blow out you described is from walking on the outside edge or the strings rotted. mink oil can help prevent string rot but I am sure your feet get wet often. I don't like steel toe boots for various reasons, get the reinforced toe.
  4. HottyToddy77

    1,000 Gal Mash Tun and Fermenters

    I would be interested in the fermentation tanks if you separate. send me a price
  5. HottyToddy77

    Louisiana molasses and sugar suppliers

    so what mix of molasses and sugar do you use 50/50?
  6. HottyToddy77


    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EAAAK74/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have used this in various applications should work.
  7. HottyToddy77

    Louisiana molasses and sugar suppliers

    Who are you using for bulk molasses and sugar in Louisiana? We called several Mills and they were all contracted out to bigger sugar companies.
  8. anyone had any feedback from joeraya?
  9. HottyToddy77

    Seeking recommendations for Best Stills

    yes but heat often brings out desirable flavors. So it would definitely be different or unique.
  10. HottyToddy77

    Seeking recommendations for Best Stills

    Vacuum stills are only useful in specific applications, such as rum made from blackstrap molasses
  11. HottyToddy77

    Seeking recommendations for Best Stills

    you really need a Column still for vodka, but most people don't make vodka from scratch. never seen one in person but these interest me. http://www.headframestills.com/stills/ ASD seems to have a good name I run a Vendome great column still
  12. HottyToddy77

    Seeking recommendations for Best Stills

    how do you plan to "make" your vodka? planned volume?
  13. can I get some more information on the universal labler. critt77matt@yahoo.com
  14. HottyToddy77

    Bubbleplate Vodka Column FOR SALE - Artisan Still Design

    do you have a blue print type drawing of this column? do you just put the wash in the pot at the bottom or is it fed into the column?
  15. HottyToddy77

    Air or electric agitator?

    go electric. you can get xp motors and vfd's to adjust speed