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  1. Flavoring

    anybody using someone else?
  2. Spent Grains after on-grain distillation

    my farmer says his cows love the stuff. i only recommended it for his pigs. another farmer didn't think it was worth the effort so who knows.
  3. Small Barrels vs. Underfilling 53G Barrels

    some say lower your entry proof to around 100 proof and fill 3/4 full. some people say rolling or rocking helps, others use chips and other wood additions help get more extracts; apple and other woods to achieve desired taste profiles. I think hot temperatures and sunlight through windows also help.
  4. LP Boiler

    ours has a side tanks(bds=blow down separator) that mixes tap water with the hot blow down water to cool it off so it will not melt the pvc. I would still use some iron pipe immediately after. https://sellersmfg.com/blow-down-separators/bds-series/ if you are returning condensate you will need a feed water system. the only condensate we return is from our doubler. however, it is piped so it can be easily bypassed. if dealing with lp my company didn't understand the demand was constant and required a vaporizer to function properly or 5 x 1,000 gallon tanks to get enough vapor. with a 15hp it might not be such a problem. Basically the gas company tried to calculate my vapor need like a traditional house where you almost never use 100% of the gas appliances at once so they figure like 30-50% you can't do that with a boiler as it demands 100% when firing. if you don't get enough vapor the lp tank will freeze. My gas company installed the vaporizer for free but wanted a 5 year contract. if I had to buy the vaporizer it would have cost $5-10K. with a 15hp the gas company should be able to set one tank large enough for you to get enough vapor. Also I wish my boiler would modulate(throttle) depending on demand some of the new sellers boilers do just check.
  5. LP Boiler

    We use a Sellers 60hp boiler. we use direct inject steam so we don't return any condensate water. not much to break down on them main issue we have had been with the gas company getting the correct supply pressure. If your water is hard you may need a softener.
  6. Barrel storage

    http://www.1stoprackservices.com/specialty-warehouse-racking/wine-barrel-rack/ I also found this company
  7. PID Temperature Reading / Cooling Water Controll

    Check out automation direct. I used their temperature probes, thermostats and vfds to control my cooling pumps
  8. Boiler Chemicals

    Chemicals depend on water and boiler. What chemicals were you using? i have a Seller’s boiler with cooper clad tubes, soft water and we direct inject steam so we don’t use chemicals.
  9. Barrel storage

    http://www.storaxsolutions.com/case-studies/Barrel anybody have experience with these racks? Looks like reworked pallet racks. We are planning on a rickhouse and exploring options for layout and design. So if you have built one I welcome input.
  10. Using air to stir mash

    Not specifically but in general bump air into the bottom of the tank and the bubbles move the mash around
  11. Vendome

    Both ASD and headframe build continuous style stills, but I have never seen one in person or tasted the product produced. https://www.artisanstilldesign.com/products.html http://www.headframestills.com/stills/ Also I think forsythe or one of the European companies build continuous stills.
  12. Vendome

    I have one, works well. make sure you have a beer well or a way to agitate you mash well before pumping it through the still. Day to day operation in line with what you expected? yes for the most part · Cleaning the equipment, efficient clean in place. No CIP system per say just flush with steam and water caustic eats your copper. · Service and support after the sale. fair, could use improvement Rob knows his stuff though. · Setup challenges. height and size can be a problem get a foot print drawing and blue print before building something to house the still. · Happy with the distillate did you have to make any changes to your recipe. only still I have ran produces nice stuff. · Estimated operation costs per day? steam and cooling is the main cost really depends on your local gas and electrical cost. · Have you experienced unplanned downtime due to equipment failure. No · What does standard maintenance cost in time and dollars. we take about a day per month to inspect and clean. · Does the automation provide adequate control with the ability to expand monitoring and controls. I have ABB controllers not the big touch screen it works but you have to baby sit it it defiantly is not a set it and forget it. you can email me critt77matt@yahoo.com https:m.facebook.com/cdwhiskey/
  13. Flex Augers

    choretime seem is the standard and is what I ordered based on recommendation of my local brewer. if you are just running one line it shouldn't be too bad 2-3K
  14. Hammer Mill with Discharge Fan

    great american made mill especially for corn
  15. reverse osmosis water system

    I was looking at this system with a float switch and filling a 550 gallon tote https://www.espwaterproducts.com/flexeon-at-1000-reverse-osmosis-commercial-system-1000-gpd-110v/ I have very soft well water, my water test only showed Manganese. The amount was .275 ppm it was considered high and noted that it would color my fixtures. No chlorine or other minerals were detected.