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  1. HottyToddy77

    Air or electric agitator?

    go electric. you can get xp motors and vfd's to adjust speed
  2. HottyToddy77

    Blending/ Proofing tank

    I was thinking of getting a stainless tote
  3. HottyToddy77

    New barrel providers?

    We have been happy with our ZAK barrels. They ship their barrels on pallets for no extra charge which we like. ZAK barrels seal up tight and almost never leak, I cannot say the same for 2 other companies we tried. Haven’t tried ISC yet.
  4. HottyToddy77

    Solera Aging Whiskey

    yes that is what would need to be done. True Solera uses all previously used barrels also? Not sure if there is much difference between solera and "vatting" (and possibly finishing in a different barrel). not sure what you end goal is.
  5. HottyToddy77

    Solera Aging Whiskey

    Age statement can be an issue
  6. HottyToddy77

    Wooden rickhouse design

    Is that oak or pine?
  7. HottyToddy77

    Tamp Label Applicator

    Anyone use something like a Take-A-Label TAL-3100T Tamp Label Applicator to apply lables to an oval flask style bottle? http://www.propacksolutions.com/Take-A-Label-TAL-3100T-Tamp-Label-Applicator_p_434.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAw9nUBRCTARIsAG11eidt3pzU-2QKG5y-IVO2rUMJ_h8hq3sYsCJ494eoPXWBcq8kIRZCShQaAonIEALw_wcB
  8. HottyToddy77

    Manual rotary pump

    is there a reason you aren't just dumping your barrels? you could siphon if they are high enough. another pump option is a small diaphragm pump that doesn't take much air like a flojet G70C ATEX Kalrez® Air Operated Diaphragm Pump
  9. HottyToddy77

    Citric acid wash for copper bubble plates

    Al didn't mention he wanted to use it in a CIP. Cheapest Ketchup you can find MGL. My still doesn't have a CIP system. Yes PBW is a base and citric is an acid of course. Ketchup has some acid in it but it is in lower concentrations. I don't see the need in shinny copper plates in my column but each to their own. I just scrub my copper plates with PBW every few weeks. My still doesn't have a CIP system. There has been at least on distillery ruin their Vendome still from using acid. That being said ask your manufacture what they recommend.
  10. HottyToddy77

    Citric acid wash for copper bubble plates

    I wouldn’t use a strong acid if will eat your copper. Ketchup is what many use. Pbw is copper safe.
  11. HottyToddy77

    ZAK Cooperage - 53 gallon Barrels

    I have bought over 100 barrels from ZAK. I have tried a few other cooperages and we like ZAK the best. never had a head leak with a ZAK barrel?
  12. HottyToddy77

    Aging whiskey

    http://www.customcutstencil.com/ customcutstencil.com or email them stencilquotes@gmail.com
  13. HottyToddy77


    So who has recommendations on Silos? looking to put corn in a silo to save on storage space. Do I need an insulated malt silo or will a standard silo work. We do have high humidity as we are only 10 miles or so from the Gulf. I saw an old thread where Deerhammer was erecting a silo from K-Malt.
  14. HottyToddy77

    Corn Whiskey - too much heads

    wilderness trail and fermsolutions are the same people. Fermsolutions has some good enzymes and yeast.
  15. HottyToddy77

    Aging whiskey

    so who makes the stamps or stencil?