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  1. we have soft water and use it for our mashing. we use RO water for cutting water.
  2. yeah, I think some of the confusion comes in as many people do refer to sorghum cane syrup as molasses. I think most people, at least in the south, call grain sorghum, Milo. so terminology is a problem. I know the TTB catches a lot of flack but when you get someone on the phone they are generally knowledgeable.
  3. http://wildernesstraildistillery.com/spirits/ check out their rum
  4. https://www.precision-elec.com/search-results/?q=lenze cheap but effective vfds
  5. I did ask several farmers here locally but they mostly have cattle. most the row crop farming is 4 hours away from me.
  6. I figured I would need to add a vfd or some kind of switch. I was looking at a 6" or 8" that was 41' long to get into my bins. Sudenga is slow to quote
  7. don't know if it helps but my beer pump uses a rubber impeller with a VFD some people use a FLIP type cart pump. pushing a 30' head is a task
  8. we are looking at purchasing an auger to fill bins with. Anyone have a recommendation? something like the link below https://sudenga.com/our-products/portable-augers/model-td-450
  9. depending on how we are running it and weather 2.5-4 gpm
  10. It is what they call a "bourbon still" or a column with a doubler. https://www.facebook.com/cdwhiskey/ you can see some pictures and videos on facebook. a couple of other people are running similar set ups Peerless distilling runs a 14", KO distilling in Manassas, VA runs a 12" i think, Silverback in Afton, VA runs a 12" with a thumper instead of a doubler. I think there are over a dozen in the wild just don't know who all has them. your need other equipment like a beerwell, constant steam pressure and controls are important. https://www.headframestills.com/stills/ these look interesting too
  11. I run a Vendome 12" Continuous. Most people cannot wrap their mind around it but columns can be "tuned" or run differently to get a taste you prefer.
  12. Our Rye Fermentations like to foam over the top of our fermentation tanks the first night. Our solution has been to lower the initial water volume and keep the fermentation cooler at the start then raise the temperature and let it finish up. I have seen mention of using products from 5 star and Magrabar. However, I have also seen people mention using oil such as olive, wheat or Corn Oil to keep the foam at bay. So my questions are: 1. how much oil should be used? 2. flavor impacts of oil vs commercial anti-foam? 3. clean up of oil vs commercial anti-foam? 4. other considerations... cost $$? Not sure if it matter but we use a continuous column still.
  13. We went with an Aerican Made Crown FC 5000lb electric forklift, lugged cushion tire. I was going propane but the electric just seemed better to us after a demo. with electric your turn radius is smaller because one wheel can counter rotate. we went with the small battery and it last us 2 weeks between charges. we charge at night while it isn't needed. Did i mention it is faster and smoother than propane. after having the forklift for a year the only thing I don't like is that the lugged tires bring gravel back inside. Should have went with the smooth non-marking option. https://www.crown.com/en-us/forklifts/fc-sit-down-counterbalanced-truck.html
  14. be careful on the cleaning agent. Acids can and will eat your copper, so neutralize or use a base cleaner like pbw. we clean our column 2-4 times per year.
  15. 6 months and I generally get new shoes because the sole is wore out and lost support, but the shoe may have plenty of tread left. with boots you work in 1 year max. some wear and how long shoes last depends on how you walk and your weight. The blow out you described is from walking on the outside edge or the strings rotted. mink oil can help prevent string rot but I am sure your feet get wet often. I don't like steel toe boots for various reasons, get the reinforced toe.
  16. I would be interested in the fermentation tanks if you separate. send me a price
  17. so what mix of molasses and sugar do you use 50/50?
  18. HottyToddy77


    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EAAAK74/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have used this in various applications should work.
  19. Who are you using for bulk molasses and sugar in Louisiana? We called several Mills and they were all contracted out to bigger sugar companies.
  20. yes but heat often brings out desirable flavors. So it would definitely be different or unique.
  21. Vacuum stills are only useful in specific applications, such as rum made from blackstrap molasses
  22. you really need a Column still for vodka, but most people don't make vodka from scratch. never seen one in person but these interest me. http://www.headframestills.com/stills/ ASD seems to have a good name I run a Vendome great column still
  23. how do you plan to "make" your vodka? planned volume?
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