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  1. Sorry, I should have made that more clear, or at least correct I meant that 300-310 number as proportion of PG. They bring a 275 gal tote @ 6.5%=35.75PG and I give them somewhere around 31 PG back is 87% recovery. In line with JustAndy and very similar results without feints.
  2. I'd guess that you're pretty close. I just looked at a bunch of records for my local cideries- I just get the cider and give it back. Anyway, they say that I'm getting 6.5% juice from them (so that's the same) and I'm giving them back on (eyeball) average closer to 300 or 310L/10000L cider. Recyling heads/tails and using a couple plates on the side column. Hope that's useful.
  3. Now if only we could get them to look at the reporting forms.....
  4. Believe it or not, Sears Diehards. We'll see how long Sears lasts, but I've been wearing these for a couple decades. Short break-in, wax them again and buy a new pair once a year (they go on sale 2x a year for around $60-70). Pretty comfy.
  5. I always wanted to do the lawnmower races with them. But they cancelled that redneck fun around here.
  6. Also worth noting - unless I'm misreading the question- that the Fed definition of Rum is cane or cane products only. Molasses, sugar, juice all work for their own, but other stuff in the mix turns it into DSS or another category. And thanks Southern and Curators for the expanded knowledge, another reason I like this forum
  7. Might check with Bainbridge Island : http://www.bainbridgedistillers.com/ Keith is a good guy and may help get you on the path.
  8. check out the distiller's resource guide from ADI. Has lots of options
  9. Check out the book "Amaro" by Brad Parsons. Pretty good place to start
  10. +`1 on jbdavenport1; I kind of went the other way and have had very little debt, etc. but bankrolling the rest of operational expenses has been tough and caused slower growth and product development. Which was a fairly big mistake. Banks won't loan on grain or grapes or whatever but they'll be happy to hold a note on equipment.
  11. Depends on what area you're in As Silk said, fresh stuff isn't happening now. Commercial juice suppliers have it, the people I use here in WA have concentrate almost year-round. You can check on places like winebusiness.com or google.... The good news is harvest will again show up before we're ready for it
  12. We went back and forth a bit with them but finally gave up and just put a line on the side "4 months old" and as long as it's at least that we're good. We let ours sit much longer anyway before bottling. If you want to get sticky "Grappa" is name protected in the EU at least, though some others seem to use it anyway. We just use it as a verbal reference in the tasting room for unfamiliar folks. Good luck.
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