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  1. Mash tun

  2. Pomace Brandy required labeling statement

    We went back and forth a bit with them but finally gave up and just put a line on the side "4 months old" and as long as it's at least that we're good. We let ours sit much longer anyway before bottling. If you want to get sticky "Grappa" is name protected in the EU at least, though some others seem to use it anyway. We just use it as a verbal reference in the tasting room for unfamiliar folks. Good luck.
  3. Mash tun

    Still available
  4. Mash tun

    We've been using this for 150 gallon batches, overflow is more like 200+. Steam jacket, perforated SS screen lauters well, nice dome on the bottom gets a very complete drain, manual agitator (paddle) and lid. $2800 FOB. in 98368. Western Washington.
  5. Mash Tun, fermenters, and filtration unit

    I've got a tun that will be available soon. Running on steam currently, been doing 150 gallons, could do 200. 2 cents- Those totes are pretty good fermenters and cheap, easy to find. Downside is the small hatch on top for cleaning. But I sort of wish I'd used more of those than what I did do. Plus you can just drill a small hole and use a <$1 stopper with poly tube down to a bucket for blowoff/airlock and it greatly reduces the fruit flies jake@admiraltydistillers.com
  6. Barrel Thief Prototype

    Looks good, I like the knucks for a handle!! I was looking at doing something similar, What size pipe and will it fill a grad cylinder?
  7. Accolades for Others

    Nice thought Lassiter! I got a bottle of Whiskey Del Bac Dorado from someone that I've been digging into lately, some Sunchoke Brandy from Koval, Bourbon from 2Bar....... Now I'm wondering if I have a problem due to the number of bottles in the cabinet
  8. Steam to Liquid Heat Exchangers

    Can you send a pic and approximate dimensions? jake@admiraltydistillers.com Thanks, jake
  9. Grain Storage Bins

    I would look at one or 2 if Adam doesn't buy all.... Where are they? jake@admiraltydistillers.com Thanks, Jake
  10. reverse osmosis water system

    Where are you?- I'm near Seattle. Point is we got lucky and found a guy who services medical units and bought one from him for basically scrap price; figured if it's water good enough for dialysis it's good for booze. Maybe you could find something similar near you- good luck
  11. Fermenting grappa

    Interesting topic, I've done some reds, but no white which is readily available locally. MDH, are you adding a bit of water then? Good tip about the SEB dosing, Thanks. Jake
  12. online software for TTB compliance

    I'd definitelly be interested, I'm not a big fan of the cloud either. I would be willing to spring for a program, but am a little resistant for subscription fees- I'd rather pay for an update once in a while
  13. Double distilling vs. short column, single distillation

    fldme, Can you elaborate? It certainly seems more efficient and makes sense to me, but being inexperienced.... I have a bypass and a 5 plate (almost fired up) and am looking forward to experimenting. When scaling up are you concerned with things like replicating vapor speed, etc or just play with the settings and go through some wine?
  14. 220 Gallon (832 Liter) Mash Tun for sale

    How much are you asking, and where is it? Thanks, Jake