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  1. Paul, Email me price for the heat exchangers and any additional info.-Dave
  2. Paul and Susan both responded immediately after this post.
  3. Will the still and mash tun I ordered in Feb. be here anytime soon? No one responds to email.-Dave
  4. I messaged you on Jan 4th regarding tanks. No reply. Are you selling tanks?
  5. dwhuff

    Question on aging 15 gal barrels.

    Lets not discount temp swings. We age in a non climate controlled warehouse and here in missouri it gets hot in the summer. I see a lot of people aging inside their distillery building. I would think it would take additional time when you don't get the temp changes, particularly the heat of summer. Everyone has a different answer which really depends on their location, where they age, proof they put in the barrel, how tight they cut, etc so this question cannot really be answered with any degree of certainty but its nice to see how others are doing it. I had a 5 gallon barrel when we started I had forgotten about. I found it on the back of a shelf after it had been sitting about 2 1/2 years. New barrel filled with bourbon. I had several others I had dumped at 8 months. By what everyone believes it should have been way over oaked and not good. That was not the case. It was outstanding! Made me realize I don't know anything! lol
  6. dwhuff

    Where to find something like this

    contact custom metalcraft in springfield missouri
  7. dwhuff

    Aging bourbon in a 15 gallon char 3 barrel

    We use a lot of 15 gallon barrels and our typical time in barrel is about 18 months. After a year its decent but gets much better after 15 to 16 months and we have been pulling most around the 18 month time period. Weather and what proof you put in may have an effect.
  8. dwhuff

    Enolmatic or Gravity Fed filler?

    Sorry I didn't see your post till today. When I bottle by myself I fill about 100 bottles in an hour but that includes me corking, sealing, and casing back up. It will easily do more but I stop to do the other things. With someone doing the sealing we do about 20 cases in 1 1/2 hours. Thats 240 bottles. Could do more but I stop and cork and move over to another table for the seals to be put on. The bottleneck, excuse the pun, which slows the process is not in the filling machine its the rest of the process that most of the time I am doing alone.
  9. I have emailed those of you who asked to be emailed. Have yet to hear back from any of you. I'm guessing the inquiries must be spam. If you are interested in the still call me at the distillery. The number is easy to find. Google is your friend.
  10. Yes, it is available. Just sent you an email. Thanks
  11. Its right at 43 Inches wide and 43 inches tall. The legs adjust so it can be an inch or two shorter to the 8 inch flange on the top of boiler.
  12. Have had 2 sales fall through with no shows. Still is available for sale and pickup immediately.
  13. components are from Stilldragon. I've had a lot of inquiries about when it will be available. Its available now as we already have our larger system in place.
  14. I have emailed you Don. Let me know via email if you have additional questions. Thanks.