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  1. Don’t let my experience keep you from a mori. Lot of people happy with it. Just doesn’t work for us.
  2. Great info. My only concern is being ttb compliant and it sounds like this filler, for the most part, will do that. No need for figures, what you have described is what I was hoping for far as information. One thing about the mori, it has a good set up for filtration. 20” filter housing and air pump pushes through it.
  3. Our bottles push the sleeve above the oval. We have different fill levels on different nozzles at different time. We put same nozzles in same place after each cleaning. I can take a bottle that over fills on nozzle 1 and dump it and fill it on nozzle 2 and it will fill correctly. Or take one over filling on nozzle 2 and dump and refill on nozzle 1 and it will fill correctly. This seems to eliminate the question of bottle differences. Next thing is, are we putting the bottles on correctly. Yes we are. I could write a book on all the things we have done to isolate the problem. We certainly wanted the filler to work for us. Can we please get back to the actual question the thread was created for?
  4. No worries Michael. I wish I could get the thing to work right. I wonder if our bottles are too short to fill properly. We use a Morgantown bottle from piramal glass here in Missouri. It is shorter with an angled area where the fill level is. Its unforgiving when over or under filled. I have a few people interested in buying it so I will probably sell it and send them your way. I appreciate your generosity! I’ll spend that money with you on some filtering equipment.
  5. I actually have a second as a back up. Have used it a few times with the other one and it does go faster I am just trying to find a system we can get set up so employees can fill bottles and there’s some assurance of consisten fills. We use the same bottles we’ve always used so nothing changed there. I’d really like to have an automated line but haven’t found anything at a price point we are ready to pay.
  6. I didn’t intend for this to be a mori is great or mori is bad thread. Should have never mentioned it cause someone always either defends the equipment mentioned or complains which was not the intended point of the topic. Our experience with it is what it is. There’s no user error. We have talked to michael several times. Service and follow up has been excellent. The mori just doesn’t work for us. We took apart and cleaned nozzles after each use so there’s no blockage issue. Michael offered to take it back a month or so after we got it but at the time we figured it was a set up issue or something we were doing wrong. We now just use the pump and filter and use another machine to bottle with.The enlomatic, believe it or not, has filled over 100,000 bottles and we haven’t changes any part on it so now the fill levels are becoming inconsistent. I think it’s due to the spring being worn out, the rubber seal worn out, etc. it filled perfect for several years. Is there a solution other than express fill or enlomaster anyone is using?
  7. Great info, thanks. I hadn't thought about the express fill not being able to do a single bottle or less than 4 at the end of the run. The enlomasters little brother has been a great filler but we do have a little trouble with fill levels with it so was thinking the enlomaster might have the same issues. I'm hoping to start having some of our staff fill bottles so I can get on with other task so the fill level issue was a big concern. Good info about the stainless filters. I have about 15 of the other filters we use and they have worked great but stainless would be a better solution. Thank you for the comparison.... I might buy both and see which one works better for us.
  8. We are looking for a solution to bottle as we grow. We started with an enlomatic 1 nozzle filler which worked great and then went to a Mori 6 head filler. The Mori has never had consistent fill levels no matter how its set up and we have fought with it for over a year. We can fill as many bottles with the single head enlomatic as we can the 6 head Mori when factoring in adjusting the fill levels 90% of the time. So right now we are doing about 200 bottles per hour but thats with 2 people and we need a faster, better solution. So, we do between 3000 and 3500 bottles per month and I'm looking for a solution. Not going to spent $75K on an automated line right now but there must be something out there that will fill to correct fill levels we can use. I'm familiar with enlomaster, express fill, and some of the gravity fillers. Not looking to hear suggestions from anyone unless they actually use the equipment. I'm leaning towards the 4 spout expressfill volumetric filler and would be interested in hearing from anyone using this model. Thanks!
  9. Paul, Email me price for the heat exchangers and any additional info.-Dave
  10. Paul and Susan both responded immediately after this post.
  11. Will the still and mash tun I ordered in Feb. be here anytime soon? No one responds to email.-Dave
  12. Lets not discount temp swings. We age in a non climate controlled warehouse and here in missouri it gets hot in the summer. I see a lot of people aging inside their distillery building. I would think it would take additional time when you don't get the temp changes, particularly the heat of summer. Everyone has a different answer which really depends on their location, where they age, proof they put in the barrel, how tight they cut, etc so this question cannot really be answered with any degree of certainty but its nice to see how others are doing it. I had a 5 gallon barrel when we started I had forgotten about. I found it on the back of a shelf after it had been sitting about 2 1/2 years. New barrel filled with bourbon. I had several others I had dumped at 8 months. By what everyone believes it should have been way over oaked and not good. That was not the case. It was outstanding! Made me realize I don't know anything! lol
  13. contact custom metalcraft in springfield missouri
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