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  1. I need 12 whiskey thiefs
  2. Looking for 20 53 gallon racks, 5-10 30 gallon racks and 5-10 15 gallon racks. New or used. Price conscious
  3. Looking for twenty 53 gallon barrel racks, 5-10 30 gallon racks and 5-10 15 gallon racks.
  4. Let me know if you have a dealer in Illinois or NW Indiana.
  5. Thomas, if you are willing to part with the 15 gal racks for $50 each, let me know. Confirm how many you have remaining and I'll let you know how many I can take. Plus I can pick them up.
  6. Looking for 15-20 (2x) racks for 15-gallon barrels and 10 racks (2x) for 30-gallon barrels. New or used. Can pick up if in the midwest.
  7. Thomas, I'm having difficulty with the email address listed above. Getting an error message. Anyhow, please let me know if you have any 15-gallon racks remaining. I'm about an hour away and can pick up this Saturday.
  8. John, did you have any luck with selling the bulk bourbon? Just asking because I'm considering selling off some of mine as well.
  9. Jester, any chance you have any more barrel chiefs?

  10. Great people to work with. If they have what you need you'll be happy to have them as a partner.
  11. I may be interested. I work in Marissa and would like to view what you have. I'm out of the country the next two weeks but can schedule something the week of Nov 9th. (assuming its not sold by then)
  12. Dave, if you have already sold the barrels I'd be interested in all 10
  13. Great Info. Thanks for sharing Bluestar and thanks Dave for the added detail.
  14. Adam, Best of luck to you. If at anytime your family farm decides to provide your winter wheat to a fellow distiller, let me know. Happy Holidays. Phil
  15. Adam, is your family farm producing hard red winter wheat? If so please let me know. As an Illinois distillery my team wants to use Illinois grown products. Phil
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