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  1. My advice is to have this shitty distributor arrange transit of your product from their chosen freight forwarder in CA. If they're not offering this then they are somewhat shittier than most.
  2. Shrink wrap/film is how my bulk bottles arrive from Europe. Incredibly secure packaging. I just use stretch wrap on my finished pallets.
  3. The alcohol laws in the US are mind boggling.
  4. Glad to hear it. I'm stuck with stuff too, though I can probably move it out at cost.
  5. Unfortunate to be stuck with that, but don't know why anyone would buy when one can get bulk ethanol for less than half that and toss some bitrex in it.
  6. I just take my shirt off. Everyone's a winner
  7. 2 months is a lifetime in the hurly burly world of hand sanitizer...
  8. I think the screw cap is an issue. A dispenser/spray cap might get you somewhere...
  9. The last thing I need is doubtful benefits, but thanks for caring.
  10. Considering there's 528 bottles in a carton, I think that's an obvious answer.
  11. You can get these for 17 cents each on alibaba from a verified supplier with guaranteed payment/delivery through alibaba payments. Air shipment will raise that to maybe 40 cents or so. It's unfortunate you over bought at a high price, but can't really see anyone else buying at this time.
  12. You need to buy a commercial cream base to use in your formula. Or just get a whole bunch of Rumchata, toss some extra alcohol in there, and rebottle it at twice the price...you're rich!
  13. ummm, I didn't get that feeling at all from the post. Very helpful hints for those who like making things and those on very tight budgets. It's always nice to have options.
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