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  1. hoochware has limitations and odd quirks. Why require and use volume measurements when everything is done by weight? Can't handle sugar additions for liqueurs and similar. X5 costs a little more, but does what hoochware could not. The difference I think is hoochware was built by a programmer, but X5 was built by a distiller. It shows in the details.
  2. +1 on X5. Hoochware did not work for me.
  3. So RTD using distilled spirits in bottles needs to conform to the distilled spirits standards of fill, no separate category?
  4. Anyone know if the package sizes allowed for rtd are different that regular spirits? Glass bottles different than cans? I can't find this info at ttb.gov
  5. For years
  6. Five x Solutions gets my vote. While I've only used one other, Hoochware, Five x is head and shoulders above that. That said, I have not eliminated qb. I never actually considered doing that. I don't think I want my offsite bookkeeper messing around in my distillery tracking software.
  7. fyi on Hoochware, it is not suitable for any liqueur type products. Simply can't handle sugar additions in any reasonable fashion. Upgraded to five x 5 solutions and am much much happier with that, like night and day for distillery software.
  8. COLAs are for labels. Not advertising.
  9. What does it mean, the Bacardi tour is fake?
  10. My goodness gracious just use alcodens lq...
  11. The fire department in Honolulu has never heard of this
  12. Well I find that fascinating. As in, what kind of chemicals will come over at 94.9% and not 95% ? wot kinda witchcraft be that??
  13. You bother to check the dates on this thread? Ima check back in four years see if your opportunity is available.
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