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  1. daveflintstone

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS! You are all fools with this distilling silliness. WINE COOLERS. You are preaching to the choir, brother. I'm cooling my wine as I type, I'M GOING TO BE RICH!!1!
  2. daveflintstone


    AlcoDens LQ is amazing.
  3. daveflintstone

    Canned Cocktails?

    put some sunblock on that thin skin
  4. daveflintstone

    Bond termination

    So I, like many others, no longer need a distilled spirits bond because of the new lower tax rate. All the instructions for ttb bond removal I've been able to find only address step by step instructions for online applications. My original DSP application was paper, so it seems I need to submit a paper form for bond removal. But which form? I've been calling and leaving messages at TTB for a month, absolutely no response. Anyone...?
  5. daveflintstone

    libdib anyone?

    Anyone using or used http://libdib.com? Curious as to your experience.
  6. daveflintstone

    New tax reform

    This tax change also affects your bond requirements. No bond required if you're paying less than $50,000 in alcohol tax. So at the new rate that equals about 811 cases monthly of 80-proof spirit.
  7. daveflintstone

    Screen printing bottles

    loggerhead +1
  8. I'm replacing my 3 phase on demand hot water heater because I only have single phase now. My 3 phase is a beast, Eemax EX240T2T would heat the water to extreme temperatures. Actually could get steam by mistake if I cranked it. The single phase heaters I'm looking at either heat up to 140F adjustable or from 140F to 180F adjustable. My question is, has anyone seen a need to have your water hotter than 140F? fyi, the 3 phase heater is for sale now.
  9. daveflintstone

    I hope you all get the idea?

    Geez this guy's an asshole.
  10. daveflintstone

    50 ml carton: how many wee bottles?

    Are you selling to retailers or to your contract customers? I'm wondering if 60 is too many to expect retailers to purchase.
  11. daveflintstone

    50 ml carton: how many wee bottles?

    How many 50 ml bottles are you putting in a carton? Obviously a lot can fit in a small carton, but what's the standard that retailers are purchasing at?
  12. daveflintstone

    Broker compensation

    If this is covered elsewhere please point the way. For those of you who sell outside your main geographical area: are you using a broker to market your products? What is their compensation? This question is about brokers not distributors. The broker will take your unknown and non-distributed product to a new market and find distribution and push sales. They will not actually distribute the products.
  13. daveflintstone

    Bringing back and old thread...What to do with all the d*** heads!?

    HAH! I was just searching for "broker" threads and this popped up. I first read the headline as "What to do with all the dickheads!?" HAH! I guess that's appropriate for some "brokers".
  14. daveflintstone

    Tamper evident seal

  15. daveflintstone

    Loss of abv while carbon treating

    Can but not must, unless it's not right of course.