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  1. daveflintstone

    Distiller / Chemical Engineer for Hire

    You bother to check the dates on this thread? Ima check back in four years see if your opportunity is available.
  2. daveflintstone

    Mori filler mod for infinite adjustability

    fantastic, thanks
  3. daveflintstone


    For those selling custom flasks, do you sell more stainless or leather wrapped? I'm contemplating offering one of my products in a flask, curious how others do with flasks, empty or filled. Oh, how much do you charge if you don't mind sharing.
  4. daveflintstone

    Bottling line help

    Please post pics of your modification.
  5. daveflintstone

    Bottling line help

    fyi, the xpressfill level filler nozzles can fill independently. Using the volumetric filler is setting yourself up for unlevel fills across bottles. Your bottles most likely will not be identical especially if there's a narrow neck.
  6. daveflintstone


    Well that's not a TTB bond then. yay for FL
  7. daveflintstone

    inspection news

    I understand the necessity of complying with bureaucratic nonsense, just real curious why you consider that to be a good news thing.
  8. daveflintstone


    You realize you don't need a ttb bond for up to $50,000 in expected tax payments annually? Which is a lot of cases a year.
  9. daveflintstone

    inspection news

    good news that new bottles have to be washed sterilized and rinsed? wow.
  10. daveflintstone

    Pump safety

    What's the pump on the Mori gravity filler?
  11. daveflintstone

    Looking for large Distillery for sale!

    The OP wrote a nonsensical post in a professional forum. If he's just trying to do business, he is very bad at it. I'm going to look for a house, I think I will post on a real estate broker forum. "I'm looking for a large house in the United States. I've looked at Edinburgh Castle, but did not check enough boxes. Any ideas? "
  12. daveflintstone

    Looking for large Distillery for sale!

    If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a scam.
  13. daveflintstone

    Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    yes. looks like a standard double open ended filter housing.
  14. daveflintstone

    Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    Dude get a stainless housing. They're all over the place. Don't remember where I got mine. But I'm going to get a new one anyway because I'm tired of dismantling it to unscrew the top. One that uses triclamps or wingnut things is better for me.