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  1. oh for goodness sakes, just make your sanitizer and call it a day. The US is full of distilleries doing just that, and frankly I don't believe when all this is over the FDA is going to track down all the distilleries who supplied a nation in need and pursue cases against them because they didn't follow the daily changing guidances of bureaucratic minutae. Come for me first.
  2. The WHO formula and production instructions are overkill and clearly meant for use in developing areas without access to modern clean facilities. All this chatter on ADI is for US production of sanitizer. iStill and Odin are not in the US. ergo proost
  3. Oh I'll be skipping the denaturing that's for sure. Just like every distillery that's been producing it up until now. Come and get us FDA! GTFO
  4. fyi if you're having problems sourcing hydrogen peroxide: grow stores aka hydroponic stores aka where people go to get weed growing supplies, regularly sell gallon containers of 34%.
  5. I think you are misreading the most recent FDA guidance. That is for producing the alcohol to be used in the hand sanitizer formula, not the entire hand sanitizer formula itself. Hence, the lack of glycerin and hydrogen peroxide mentions. Also it specifically says RO water is acceptable for diluting the alcohol. Anyhoo, denaturing is a dumb guidance and has been, and probably will continue to be, widely unused.
  6. I have a special denaturing wand I crafted from meteor fragments and banana peels. When I wave that in the general direction of a tank of alcohol or sanitizer it becomes denatured through the chaotic molecular bias inherent in the universe. And now I don't owe FET. damn those f'ing torpedoes, I agree.
  7. From...dirty water and conditions in developing nations? 80% alcohol doesn't kill those?
  8. The WHO addition of hydrogen peroxide seems odd. 80% alcohol has some serious killing power. What is hydrogen peroxide going to add? It would seem to me that the WHO guidelines are based on production in the developing world, hence the requirement for distilled or boiled water. oh well oh dhdunbar just said about the same thing. I often skim through and over your posts because they are often over my head.
  9. The plastic bottles are the thing that is out of stock everywhere.
  10. The problem is finding containers to put the sanitizer in. Plastic bottles are out of stock seemingly everywhere. Regarding hydrogen peroxide, you need to order from a lab supply company, not retail bottles on Amazon for goodness sakes. Will you be able to use up a few gallons of 35%? No but it's cheap, so doesn't matter.
  11. 4 MORE YEARS!!1! a perfect troll or an incredible dufus
  12. Do you realize this original for sale post is from almost 2 years ago?
  13. This just in... I usually use a mori gravity filler with an inline .2 or .5 micron DOE cartridge filter. I pre filter my batch tanks with a bag filter to remove visible stuff (doing botanical infusions, or char). But one of my bottles is opaque ceramic, so no way to tell the bottle is full on the gravity filler. With 3 people we are fast, yes sometimes faster than 750ml out of the gravity filler. So I recently got an xpressfill volumetric filler, which fills by time. Set the time and it will fill for that duration. I connected the same .2 micron DOE cartridge filter before the xpressfill. Here's the twist ending: after filling about 1600 bottles, the fills started to come up short. Gradually building from a few ml to half a bottle short. Which was not discovered until over 1000 bottles were short filled. Because heavy opaque bottle. I only discovered this because there was too much product remaining in the tank. Yikes, and a fun way to spend a day, opening sealed cases and bottles to refill them to correct volume on the gravity filler. I traced the underfilling issue to the .2 micron filter by process of elimination. The filter looked almost as pristine white as when new. It seems the pump on the xpressfill is slowing down with the tiniest additional pull from the barely used filter. This is completely unexpected because I previously used an xpressfill for a few years with a .5 micron DOE cartridge inline. So apparently going from .5 to .2 micron is a big no for the xpressfill volumetric filler. btw, I used that same .2 filter to finish the opaque bottle run on the gravity filler without issue.
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