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  1. I do.
  2. Mash

    Electric Stripping Still?

    Check out Miss Dana, 725 liter still, set up for electric, steam injection, direct fire or any and all combinations. If your looking for a $8000 still, i also have a 200 gallon fully jacketed tank, with a 6" triclamp fitting off set on the top. Just need a column or copper head. Tank is also set up to move with a fork lift.
  3. Maybe a bad idea. I"m not an attorney, disregard post.
  4. Mash

    Wanted: Stainless Steel Totes

    I have 550 gallon SS tote with a 24" oval manway. the pics exceed the allowable data limit. My email is appmtnspirits@yahoo.com $2200.00
  5. Price drop to $1200, that's a great deal for what this mill can produce.
  6. Mash

    Whisky Needed 75 Brls

    ADI friends- An associate of mine is looking for 75 barrels of sour mash whisky, 3 to 4 years old ASAp. Shoot me a message of what you have and price.
  7. Price drop $1500
  8. On very important piece of equipment is a quality grain mill. This is a perfect mill for any operation. It is a CS Bell #2 with a new 7hp motor. 208/230 single phase. I have all screens from course to powder. The blower will move the grind to a separate location, like milling outside and dumping directly into the mash tun. Less work, more efficient. Works perfect and will last many, many years, the bearings are greaseable and all hammers are in place. $1200, FOB
  9. Mash

    After 5 years and Broke

    Only if you require steam for other equipment.
  10. Mash

    After 5 years and Broke

    The still is listed at $28,900. It is electric, direct fire, or steam injection. The injection system is $3200, and never been used. It is electric and direct fire. I paid $3800 for it.
  11. Appalachian Mountain Spirits has always made award winning products. There are 900 +/- proof gallons of incredible bourbon spirits for sale. It has been vetted by industry giants and would make a great product to bottle right out of the barrel at cask strength. Most of the barrels are 30 gallons and most of the spirit average 2 to 3 yrs old. The balance are 15 gallon. It was all distilled at 130 proof from our venerable pot still, Miss Dana. The spirit is smooth, no bite, provides a warm glow that dances on the pallet, finishing out with butterscotch. Absolutely amazing. The grain bill is 80% Virginia corn and 20% hand malted Virginia barley. Would prefer to sell as a whole, but will split up for the right price. Bulk price is $35,000, which will include 300 gallons of GNS. Average cask strength ranges from 106 to 115. The full inventory is attached. Price is dependent on age. Now if you are a recent start up this product provides a completely unique product and will help you establish your foothold in the market. If you want to continue to make this spirit, my methods and intellectual property are also available. AMS Physcial Assets.xlsx
  12. Mash

    Steam Generator Option

    I have a custom Steam Generator built for our 200 Gal still. Affordable distillery Equipment made. Propane and electric. Sight Glass and all the safety features. Never used. $3200
  13. Mash


    Works perfect, very heavy though. Blower and cyclone included.
  14. Mash


    I have a CS Bell hammer mill with all the pulverization sizes, single phase motor. $2200
  15. Mash

    Pot still and equipment

    The Still Price has been lowered. Every product I made with this still has been multiple Gold medal winners.