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  1. Greetings All We have purchased a stave mill about 1 hour from out cooperage, and are now producing new charred 53 gal oak barrels from MN oak Additionally we have recently tripled our output over the past year and now have many barrels of every size in stock- 5/10/15/30/53 gallon, and intend to have stock going forward Currently we are making our 1st production run of 53's, and will have about 100 extra ready to ship by the end of next week The 53's are $275/ea, and fit 6 to a pallet. Can laser engrave your logo on the barrel head for a small fee. Let me know of any interest Cheers Richard Richard@thebarrelmill.com 800-201-7125
  2. Hi John The barrel shortage is OVER Give us all call @ 800-201-7125 Best Richard
  3. Hello all Here is our current pricing and availability Size Char qty price #/pallet 5 gal 3 288 $145 60 4 18 $145 60 5 4 $145 60 10 gal 2 2 $165 36 3 147 $165 36 15 gal 2 13 $190 30 3 342 $190 30 4 4 $190 30 30 gal 2 2 $240 12 53 gal 3 344 $275 6 FOB 56310 Call or email to order 800-201-7125 richard@thebarrelmill.com
  4. Hello all We currently have a few barrels in stock Qty 140 30 gal A/O Char#3 @$240/ea (fit 12 to a pallet) Qty 140 53 gal A/O Char#3 @$275/ea (fit 6 to a pallet) FOB 56310 Call or email for a freight quote or to place an order Best Richard richard@thebarrelmill.com 800-201-7125
  5. Sorry about that We recently changed servers, and I'm having issues with that email it appears try richardwilliamhobbs@gmail.com or give me a call 800-201-7125
  6. 5 Gallon 57 Char#3 14 Char#4 3 Char#5 10 Gallon 72 Char#3 3 Char#2 15 Gallon 59 Char#3 1 Char#5 Call or email for a quote richard@thebarrelmill.com 800-201-7125
  7. We are continuously improving production with extra barrels being made on every run Qty 175 15 gal char#3 A/O barrels for sale Can fit 30 to a pallet Call in or email for details/freight quote 800-201-7125 richard@thebarrelmill.com
  8. We currently have New 30 gallon charred A/O barrels in stock Qty 221 Char#3 Qty 98 Char#4 12 fit to a pallet Call in or email for details 800-201-7125 richard@thebarrelmill.com Best
  9. Hello all We had a last minute cancellation and these barrels are ready to ship right away 12/pallet Call or email for pricing 800-201-7124 richard@thebarrelmill.com
  10. Qty 60 new A/O 30 gallon char #2 for sale call or email for pricing richard@thebarrelmill.com 800-201-7125
  11. Qty 60 5 gal char #3 Qty 4 5 gal char #5 email or call in for pricing, etc Best Richard
  12. Hello all We have a few 10 gallon barrels available Qty 69 Char #3 Qty 2 Char #2 Call in or email for pricing etc Best Regards Richard richard@thebarrelmill.com 800-201-7125
  13. Hello All We had a customer that had to back out of an order for 240 new 5 gallon whiskey barrels, due to not being able to get financing. This is 4 pallets of 60/ea MOQ 1 pallet Call in for pricing 800-201-7125 Richard or Nicky Thanks
  14. Greetings Having forecasted a shortage in wood, and an increase in demand, we took the initiative to prepare We are currently taking on a limited number of new customers, as our capacity has recently increased Investments in new machinery, wood sourcing, and new leadership in the cooperage have all contributed to this Currently we have 2 pallets (36/pallet) 10 gal char #3, and 3 pallets (60/pallet) 5 gallon char #3 in stock The barrels are all 2 year air dried American white oak email or call for pricing these barrels will not be around very long richard@thebarrelmill.com, 800-201-7125 Also we have 24 refurbished 2 barrel (53-60 gal size) metal racks (black) ready ot ship out Cheers Richard Hobbs The Barrel Mill www.whiskeybarrel.com
  15. www.infusionspiral.com Med and Heavy are best for spirits Cheers
  16. http://seguinmoreaunapa.com/innovation/u-stave/ Was done 15 years ago, to no avil
  17. We are now selling 1/2/5 liter charred American oak barrels Customized with your logo Have hundreds of each size in stock Each comes with a wood stand, spigot, and bung Perfect for your white dog, etc Resell in your tasting room Email for a quote Best
  18. Lenny I can help you out Give me a call Richard 800-201-7125
  19. Forgot to mention We offer terms- with approved credit app Quotes within 24 hrs Barrels ship within 4 days of PO Have a consistent reliable supply Best
  20. We now offer fresh dumped Beam, and Wild Turkey barrels (4 years old) Minimum Qty 1 pallet (8 barrels) Call for an estimate Best Richard 800-201-7125
  21. Pete- We ship to AU PM me for pricing Best R
  22. RIP Gene Nelson Gene made all of our bungs, crafted custom wood tanks up to 20'tall, and was a great man! Thoughts and prayers to Susan, and the rest of his family! R http://healdsburg.patch.com/articles/fatal-tractor-accident-in-healdsburg
  23. He has the unique ability to articulate the needs of our customers to the bankers Can secure money during this "credit crunch" (as long as your biz in somewhat in order) Has extensive knowledge of breweries and distilleries R
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