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  1. My knowledge in this field is minimal but we are looking into the eating establishment as well. It is my understanding that your food sales must make up 60% of your sales. This may be a local deal for us, but I would be interested in hearing what you come away with. Cheers!
  2. A type 74 (craft distiller) license to distill in CA allows for 1.5oz total tasting per person per day that can now be served as a cocktail. With a type 74 you may also sell a total of 2.25 liters of spirit per person per day for off premises consumption. As for serving a cocktail and charging for it will be an issue to take up with your local government.
  3. I'd enjoy any input that you have regarding sprinkler systems. I am starting in 1600square with no sprinklers.... yet. Do you still have the document for your local fire marshal regarding alcohol storage? I would like to take as many suggestions as possible to our local.




  4. Does California allow tasting rooms and on site sales? I was not aware of that. Are you sure and where can I find this information?. Thanks
  5. Hello All, Can anyone lead me in a direction of filtration of vodka? I have experience with a huge schank d.e. filter for beer as well as particle separators from Alfa Leval, but was wondering what people are doing for clear spirits. Any information would be helpful. Hope I'm not "stepping" on any toes. Cheers! Mark
  6. Thanks for the insight Ralph! I am sorry if anyone out there thinks I am trying to "cut in line". I am simply doing research and believe this is a good place to do it. I have done tons of research on this subject in Montana and find the information that I need to read very accessible. California information on the other hand seems to be a little more difficult to find. I have done numerous searches on-line and have had no luck. I have no difficulties reading the law... it is just finding it. If anyone could direct me to this information so I can read it, it would be greatly appreciated. We are all in this together are we not? Perhaps I misunderstood the use of this forum. I have no interest in anyone else's business plan as it would not pertain to my venture or geographic location. Thanks again! Mark
  7. Can anyone direct me to the California laws pertaining to samples or tasting rooms for craft distilleries? Also if anyone has knowledge of research as to this issue for the state of Nevada that would be great too. Thanks, Mark
  8. After doing a quick google search I find that the Vodka that comes in a pretty blue bottle comes in on a rail car from the mid west with one car going to Benicia to be add to gasoline and another heading to an unnamed company on the 101 for packaging. Could this be right?
  9. Jordan, I sent you an email today, but did not include this site that is in Chico called Pioneer Spirits. You may want to check them out. They have some good pics and info on how they got started. Mark
  10. Any word on George's license at Yellowstone? Are you in production yet? Thanks!
  11. Not sure. I believe I have some good marketing in Montana and this is where I was born and raised, but l have spent the last 7 years at SNBC and the north tahoe area. I have people interested in both sites. I would like to find out more about getting started in Montana, but if there was interest in Nor Cal then I would consider it. Vegas sounds like a good market. I too will be visiting Dry Fly this winter.
  12. Hello! I am new to ADI, but am soaking up a lot every day. What I have found so far has been very helpful. Has anyone out there had any luck jumping through the hoops to get a license and start production in Montana? I have been interested for some time and have been in beer production for 7 years. Looking to make the step into micro-distilling. Thanks!
  13. Is there anyone out there who is interested in putting together a batch distillery in the Sac/Tahoe region? I have some funding and marketing ideas, but would like a partner. I do have brewing experience from SNBC. Thanks, Mark
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