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  1. The onwner wants to retire. This is an unusual opportunity for someone looking for top of the line distillery. The still is a German Holstein 600 liter copper steam still with 21 plates it produces the best products .you can get. It has its own CIP system, Mixer, controls built in 3 alcohol SS tanks, SS tank transfer pump as well as a hot water holding tank for the CIP system. It is a true hybrid system it can literally make any spirit you might want to produce There are 2 grain grinding mills, a ground grain conveyor system. A 600 SS gallon glycol cooling Tank, 2 coolant transfer pumps and a refrigerant compressor system for the coolant. the distillery has 2, 1200liter fermenters with cooling jacket a high power mixers. there is a 1200 liter SS reactor for preparing mash for distilling There also is a small secondary still for making excellent gin There are so many more items which complete the operation of the distillery a rollsroyce still and is a beauty to behold and it produces not just good spirits but great ones. Presently we make Vodka, Gin, 100% rye Whiskey and 150year old recipe absinthe with items only available and sourced from Europe. Today there are many stills on the market many from China if you are serious about getting into the business the goal isn't just to make alcohol but to make great spirits this distillery can do this for you. We are located in Mishawaka IN if you are interested give us a call - or emaill Steve@18vodka.com, 5748764450 the price is $310,000.00
  2. High end DSP for sale. Owner retiring. starts with a Arnold Holstein 21 Plate 600 ltr German Hybrid still.This is a rolls Royce of stills. The still can make any spirit you can think of. Makes some of the best spirits you ever tasted. 1200 liter Reactor, coolant system , 2, fermenters 1200 liter. Still and tanks have mixers, Pumps, grinders, 7.5hp steam boiler etc. This operation makes some of the best spirits you ever tasted and is currently in operation. this is a turnkey operation. $375,000. We are not interested in parting out the equipment or a broker. Please only serious buyers not lookers.
  3. buyer beware this product will not meet the claims he makes nor will you get support
  4. An update of Odin's update. Even though our address is clearly stated on the contact page of our website (not to mention that it is also on our invoices), and even though I sent Steve an email stating our address again, over a week ago, I still did not receive the iStill VISION back. How come you do not live up to what you told us you would do, Steve? Why not? Affraid it will come out that it may be working all right after all? Or that it was your own maltreatment, running it on wrong voltages, that damaged it? One might think you don't actually want your money back? Ooin you told me on skype 6 weeks ago you would email me a specific shipping address and never did Even though an offer was made to buy the iStill VISION from you, you didn't sell it. Why not? Affraid it will come out that it may be working all right after all? Or that it was your own maltreatment, running it on wrong voltages, that damaged it? If it is so bad as you claim it to be, you might want to sell it just to get rid of it, as soon as possible, right? So, again, why didn't you do that? Your Buddy offered $500.00 for a still I paid $4000.00 5 months ago also its interesting you know about the offer even if it was made to me on a personal message Even though you promissed to ship us back the additional computers we sent to you, worth over USD 2,000.-, you still didn't do that either. How come you are not living up to those promisses either? Plain and simple I will conduct business with you for the computers when you send the module I requested you have a reputation of saying things and not living up to them. look at some of the post by others I am not alone Even though you critisise even the iStill 250, how come you are still using it to make your gin? And why didn't you ship that unit back to us either as I proposed earlier, and get a refund? That still is being used as a pot still only the other fuction(valves) don't work How come you ran the iStill VISION on 120 volts, when I clearley told you that it should run on 220 volts? I didn't just tell you, I emailed you the techsheet that clearly states it as well. How come that you maltreat a rig so badly? And how come that you do something to it that's explicitely excluded from warantee terms and I have to pay for it? You forget very conviently we only plugged the still in the computer wouldn't turn on even we called you by phone told you it wouldn't even start you said 220 we changed the outlet plugged it into 220 and then it worked we never operted it at 110 How come you don't take care of the copper packing in the catalyst? Why don't you put the copper packing under 45% alcohol, when you don't distill for like a week, to prevent copper corrosion, as the instructions are? Copper, in contact with oxygen will rust, especially after alcohol contact. Any copper! why should you have to open up the still take out the copper shoke in alcohol till you need it again is taht supposed to be a still thats easy to operate And again: if you don't treat your equipment as instructed, why do I have to pay the price for that? If for nothing else by reading your rediculous "claims" here, on this forum? How come that you post that I "lie" about the iStill 250 having SPP, when we clearly state that it is packed with Rashig Rings? (Please see: http://media.wix.com/ugd/8d20f3_4aff103392844187ad06a4d3dad1cc26.pdf for verification)? People should look back at your old blog were you tout just the spp How come you are advertising your "18" vodka as being distilled 18 times, while the Holstein you made it with only gets you to 90% (your words)? Something with your boiler being too small to fire all the plates as well as the two columns not being able to work together? Customers, just as the members of this forum, have a right to be informed correctly, instead of being cheated upon by you sharing faulty information. Good point about informing people honestlythe fact is you really don't know too much about distilling. first let me say the holstein I have has 21 plates the day Odin was there we used only 4 plates and that was to make whiskey at 180 proof (the way whiskey is supposed to be distilled) and below proof the other 17 plates were not being used. i did notice you wrote on your blog how your still out performed a holstein still what a joke. When we run the other 17 plates we get much 194-195 but the difference betwwen a packed still and a plate still is we get much better seperatiion its not just proof you want, but you want to leave behind the heads and tails something your packed columns can't do. Second a holstein has a double boiler we can distill on solids your electric coil cant do that and limit what you can do with your still. Therefore we don't need to make whiskey out of rye bread as your own recipe suggests. I will match up our product to the heads and tails rich product your stills produce. And if anyone has further doubts the Istills all have carbon filters for trying to remover the junk from the distillate. You don't need that on a good plate still How come you and your nephew are selling 5 star vodka as THE so called Chicago vodka ("the fifth star in the coat of arms of Chicago, since it is so special it deserves a star next to the four already present!"), when it is (again, your words) just a GNS that you actually ... redistill in South Bend, not Chicago, but a different State all together? Again misinformation the name of his product is next star and for those interested look in the TTB cola register you will see its being made for them by a distillery in Michiagan we only did a test for him How come you are lying to forum members about our products? How come you are lying to your customers about the products they buy from you? in your own words bullshit every one who has been to our distillery has seen we grind and use our own grain This will be my last post in this ... offending thread. One invitation to finish with. For anyone wanting to learn how it truly is to run our products: please fly over to Europe for a few runs with us in the iStill Center. Most people actually do that. And each and everyone that ever visited us has ordered our equipment! I think that says something, if not everything. Personally i would tell people not to waste their time or money buy from someone reputable And if you think Europe is too far away? Visit our USA East Coast iStill Center. There's an iStill One, an iStill 250, and various 50's as well. Ready for you to use. Ready for you to make up your mind. There's two things to consider, though. Firstly, as already stated, once you used iStill equipment, that's what you will buy. We never had anyone visiting our showroom and running our products, that wasn't blown away by their quality and performance. Secondly, after having done a few runs with our equipment, you may read this thread again, and take Steve's rediculous claims for what they really are: bull shit. Again buy from someone reputable
  5. I have received some emails asking me directly about the quality of the Istills. let ne start out with a story about the Yugo for those who remember it and those who it was a car made in an eastern block country(Now defunct Yugoslavia) It appeared on the American market with a low price to hard to ignore. Within about 2 years the cars were off the market and residing in junk yards. It turn out they were poorly made and the company did not supply parts so they could not be fixed. This is one of the reasons eastern block countries have never been competitors in the global industrial market place, It is because of poor quality and support for their products. The Istill is made in Poland and seems to be operating under these conditions I don't know if that is part of the problem as they will not or can't supply repair parts for the stills. I do know that Odin won't and he will lie about parts if you need them. To back this up at One point Odin said he could sell the ssp packing and them when he couldn't do it he said they were too busy to make it. AS for quality control I believe there is none and they assemble their stills ship them out with no idea whether they work or not. So again I see Odin hawking a sale just to make a profit and the buyer be dammed. Now lets talk about the product Odins advertising is very misleading he implies all the stills use the SPP (spiral prismatic packing, its a real breakthrough) however it is only used in the 2 inch column it does not function on anything bigger so all the 250 stills use rashing rings like all other packed column stills so in fact there is no new break through technology in the 250 still As for the actual stainless steel construction I would say the quality is good but most of it is produced on cnc machines The electronics are poor and when you really think about them they are rudimentary. And the still does really need constant monitoring A big downside to the operation is the icatalyst. On his blog he even describes it as a problem and calls it "problem solved". If you don't use the still every day the copper rings will get a little corrosion within days and the still will not reflux you need to disassemble the rig and take out the copper rings and soak them in a mild acid before you can run the still again I don't see that as "Distilling made easy." Personally I see odin as selling the wrong product I think he would do very well selling snake oil. Steve Ross steve@18vodka.com
  6. I bought 2 stills one of them is called a vision and its totally worthless and the other one called the 250 can be used in a limited way as pot still for gin only and we use the alcohol already made in our Holstein still in it but the istill 250 also has some bugs neither of which, thank goodness is the still we count on for our distillery. we definitely could not count on the 250 istill for anything on a dependable basis steve Ross
  7. I have received a lot of questions about the istill 250 both on the forum and in email s o I will endeavor to answer some of the questions. First odins slogan "distilling made easy" is not true. the way his computer works for cuts is the heads cuts is simple done by setting a temperature when the heads end and hearts begin this is done with out regard to whether it is the actual point of transition so you must as with any still if you are looking to make good spirits taste for the transition thus nothing new here, and the cuts from hearts to tails there is no point on the system so essential you do that manually. How does that make it any easier then any other still? The bug that was in the first computer with not opening the correct valves still continues with the new computer. Now as for Odin's claim he told me he would not send the schematic's in fact he kept saying he would and never did. Now after reading his post I put that down to paranoia on his part. As for the parts he sent, first and I will repeat this he did not send any parts to me for three months. It will be interesting if he continues to conduct himself this way when other purchasers systems are down(very likely). he said the parts cost him $2000, In total are the parts worth $2000.00 For sure not next he claimed grat expense in send me parts by his own admission the 2 unit had buggy computers that took 3 months, As for the other parts he sent 6 gaskets I did not ask for. he sent 4 valve yes I asked for a spare but 3 of the valves already were not functioning on the vision still which he knew, he sent 4 heating elements which fit the vision but here again 1 element was to replace a defective one on the 2500 which I had sent he a picture of it showing were it was leaking leaking 3 months earlier. next he sent 2 braded water hoses I did not ask for them nor did I need them I had asked for the power module to replace the one he blew on the vision still, instead he sent the power conversion module for the 250 still which I did not request now this part probably did cost him but I didn't ask for it. He said I told him the 250 worked great in fact I told him the valves still did not work properly on the 250 but we could work around that and we still do. Is it reasonable to pack up a 4 month old defective still send it back to Europe at the buyers expense. Were was Odin's 2 year warranty I think that because communicates with his buyers on a sporadic basis and considering the length of time involve he may have actually forgotten what I actually needed and send this mishmash of parts. As for me taking over his business anyone who has been to my distillery can see I am a distiller not a still sales company, more odin paranoia Finally I would like the readers to consider why I wrote this original warning to potential buyers knowing full well that it would end any ties and prevent me from getting any further help from odin. That was because I no longer had any trust in him or in his promises nor did I believe he would keep his word on anything. 3 months waiting for repair parts is ridicules. His response on this forum has only reinforced my opinion of him- Buyer beware you will have no one else to blame but yourselves. Steve Ross steev@18vodka.com
  8. be careful dealing with Odin you may not have a pleasant experience if the equipment doesn't work he won't be there to make it good Steve Ross
  9. Rickdiculus no i am not an electrician however once i had a heating and air conditioning business and repaired numerous air conditioning and heating furnaces as well as attending many courses on repairing electrical circuits,I Have worked extensively with 24, 100 and 220 single phase as well as 3 phase in fact i wired up my Holstein still and assembled a control box for it. I think I know how to wire up a plug. As for the claim about 110 burning up the board first it is rare that a lower courrent attched to a higher rated one would burn it up that might be the case in reverse however. secondly as I said previously the still bid work on 220 until oden ran the so called diagnostic program.and then it blew a fuse Steve Ross
  10. what we have here is a typical odin response and excuses. First let me start at the end of his dissertation Odin did say to me send it back they will fix it or refund my money that was in a Skype call one month ago and he said he would email the address to ship it to. Of course he did not do that. For a whole month I had been contacting him for the address and absolutely no response from him then I put up the post. I spent money having crates made and packing waste of time and money Now I am sure almost anyone who has purchased an Istill unit from him will verify he does not respond to emails for extended periods of time. 3 weeks are not unusual especially after you purchase something from him Not something one would expect or want if you have equipment with a breakdown AS for the wrong current argument he posted. Prior to purchasing the unit I had a phone call with him I asked what current, he said household current he obviously thought 220 I thought it was 120 which was reasonable we found out it was 220 and simply changed the plug after we received the vision still we plugged it in to just do a simple pot still clean out before he came to demonstrate the still himself it worked fine and did a simple pot still cleaning of water and we waited on him to do a real run . Them when he came ( incidentally he stayed at my house with his son) he decided to run the diagnostic program first on the computer first that's when things went south the system blew a fuse and the water valves stopped functioning properly. I had to run out to radio shack for new ones with the same rating The system never worked again. During the class he stopped trying to get the vision still to work and worked on the 250 still we also purchase which we also found had a bug in that computer when I asked why he wasn't running the vision still he said it was too much to do while we were running the class only after he left did we find out the still could not function. We emailed him continually asked for spare parts and schmatics to trace the problem and he keep saying thay were on the way as for the schematics every company I know will send you them if they haven't included them with equipment. So after 3 months ( did I mention 3 months) and all kinds of excuses a box of parts finally arrived amongst which was 2 new computers for each of the Istills we purchased to replace the buggy ones. which included some valves, we switched out the computers with the new supposedly not buggy ones but no improvement. The part I did ask for however was not included and that was the power modules he sent the power converter for the big still and nothing for the broken vision still. You can believe whom or what you want now that odin has posted a response however keep in mind it took him almost a month just to respond to my posting. This whole tragedy has been very disappointing I found personally Odin does not keep his word, he does not support his equipment or warranty properly, he does not respond in a reasonable period of time ( like months at a time). If you expect to use his equipment plan for extended periods of down time at your distillery. As for shipping it back now how could one trust him to do anything. In good conscience I am not going to be fooled again by him As a side note Odin is not the maker of the stills its a polish company. I decided I would try to go directly to the source after numerous times trying to contact them this month after giving up any hope of getting any responses from Odin they too do not respond I even joined a polish distilling site asking for help only to get an email stating the polish company has a bad history too. therefore my only advise to fellow members is the old adage "BUYER BEWARE" Steve Ross
  11. make sure you can sell that much before you buy the equipment.
  12. You are right about the Holstein its a pleasure to operate. As for Itill We bought the 250 still just to make gin and use it as a pot still. for Running gin. Why not use the Holstein ? the Holstein or any still for that matter must be thoroughly cleaned so as not to pollute any other spirit after you run Gin. Even with the Cip system the Holstein the cleaning would have to take the better part of a day, so we decide to have a dedicated gin still but now I can say dealing with istill was a real mistake. The 250 had problems but we can an do operate only as a pot still as for the vision still we hoped that it would be used for testing small batches and as an education tool for our distilling classes it never worked and Istill(Odin) keep making promises but did nothing to fix the problems. Steve Ross
  13. Hello I am the owner of 2 istill stills and would advise anyone considering buying anything from them to serious reconsider. Both stills arrived defective the 250 model we were able to get it operational but some of the components never worked and still do not this has gone on for 4 months with either no support or with promises that were never followed up by the vendor the second still one of thier vision model stills never worked, again promises but only lip service and finally silence this went on for 4 months despite the owner Odin saying there is a 2 year warrenty on the equipment. at one point last month they sent some parts that had no use for the problems desipte the fact that we clearly and repeatly described the numerious issues. Then we were told to ship the parts back and they would fix them or refund the noney for the Vision still and he would email me the shipping address after 2 weeks of repeated reqests for the address only silence. In summary both stills arrived with problems and this company does nothing. they will only delay and not fix what now we know to be defective products. steve Ross If interested contact me through American distiller for al;l the particulars
  14. I just spoke to Odin today and he informed me we will be recieving our still shortly so we be able to display the operating stills at our seminar.on may 31 sat. Steve ross steve@18vodka.com
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