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  1. search 'steam eductor' on aliexpress, I got a 1/4" one and a 3/8" one, for around $20 total, the 1/4" one can hadle 11kw, or 1HP, the 3/8" can handle double that.. I run it with 16.5KW, or 1.5HP of steam to heat molasses...
  2. I was thinking a couple 60BBL brewery fermenters would hold a tanker full of molasses. Tthe molasses place I get mine from suggested a couple roto-molded ones, but I am in a downtown, and they would get the evil eye, and people would worry about spillage... but a couple beer fermenters would be more attractive... not cheap, but reasonable if used, and attractive and have great resale value, unlike poly...
  3. Turkey Red Oil, which is sulfated castor oil is a 'water soluble oil' that will lower foaming LOT... It works as good as fermcap-S IMHO... I remember an old timer giving me some in a tiny old glass carmex container 30 years ago and said "if you ever run just water in your cooling system of your car, put just a couple drops of this in for lube"...
  4. I have had the Xpressfill XF460 for 4 years and happy with it...
  5. 5.4 and citric to lower to 4.9 here... which seems counter-intuitive, but works great. Wheras not 'shocking' the pH downward will result in a stuck fermentation with a pH in the mid 3's in a few days
  6. we use blackstrap and we heat to 200F, dilute, mix, and settle/clarify while covered and cooling, then rack and pitch 24 hours later. Here are samples taken right after thorough mixing and set for 24 hours... The one on the left had the molasses heated to 200 before adding water, the one on the right was only heated to 160, and you can see the growth, which takes the pH to 3.0 in days, kills the yeast, and causes a green distillate
  7. where does one find the optimum temps for whitestar yeasts?
  8. thanks for the support guys... I ended up getting the two with formulas aback as approved in less than 48 hours, then the two without formulas(same image files) came back a few days later... I think someone was just grumpy or not 100% up to snuff on rules.....
  9. I am going around and around with the 'specialists' at the TTB... They are saying my 'Brand Name' for a Class-Type 414 Florida Gold Rum cannot be 'Palmer's Tropical'... (keep in mind I have 5 COLA's approved with just that, we just want to update the labels to a new front and back label..) First they wanted it to have a formula to explain 'tropical'... After stating the steps and results from the "Do I need a formula?" for Rum, they backed off of that and came back with 'Tropical is misleading' as it is not the name of our distillery. (do they understand what a brand name is?) I tried to explain that it was just a Brand Name, but they were not having it... They said I was misleading the customer because I did not show the relationship between Cotherman Distilling Company, listed as the distiller and bottler on the back, and 'Palmer's Tropical' on the front... So I sent them the COLA approval for Weller, which says Weller on the front as the Brand Name, and if you look at the approval details, "Weller" listed in Part 1, line 6 as ... yes... the "Brand Name"... They are saying: "the name Palmer Tropical is misleading because Palmer's Tropical is not the bottler for this product and does not appear on your permit. The words "Bottled For" must precede the brand name on front label so that the consumer is not misled by the true bottler." I am biting my tongue.... It is a Brand Name, Dammit! I just wish I tried this a few months ago before the survey they sent expired... boy they will get an earful next year!!!!! In the background, from the beginning, I submitted a formula for 'Tropical' Rum using at least 51% molasses from south Florida, defined as having a 'Tropical' climate, and mentioned in the method of manufacture 'distill to a spirit that retains 'Tropical' flavors of Rum... It was approved in a few days, and I resubmitted new application and attached the formula...
  10. interesting video on how they are made and operate...
  11. I just bought an eBay one, and the PS-IN202 display unit actually dropped shipped form prime-scales... so you can rest assured that the same model is available for less and was 1lb away on a measured 2130lb shipment from what the shipper weighed, I am completely happy with my $425 3'x3' 2500lb NTEP floor scale. Now, making a formula to do the calculations for % v/v to proof gallons... that is my next task
  12. yes, the adhesive trade name would be much appreciated!
  13. Looking to know if someone knows of a manufacturer of custom sieve plates. Looking for 10-20 or so single pass plates like these in a document on The Vespiary. (the ones in figure 1(A), but with 203mm diameter, ~5mm holes, 15% open area ), and prefer a manufacturer that has already built and tested such things.
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