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  1. Hey Silk - Tried sending you a msg, but not able to via the forum email system. Would love to touch base on the phone if you have time...
  2. Just found this previous thread that seems to point me in the right directions.. Looks like the RKI Ps2 might be what I need.
  3. Looking for suggestions on alcohol vapor detectors/alarms. Ideally trying to find something that can automatically switch on an exhaust fan once a certain concentration of alcohol vapor is detected. Also curious if anyone has used something more sophisticated that can tie into an existing alarm panel (that monitors the smoke/heat/sprinkler vales) and would send an alarm or supervisory notice to my monitoring company at certain concentrations of alcohol. Also interested in simple detectors that just sound an audible alarm Thanks!
  4. Do you mind sharing what kind of pump you are using? We are using a pretty standard well pump to circulate our cooling water, so its kicks on/off when you open/close valves but it sounds like your pump may throttle itself to some extent? I think ours is just on or off.
  5. I have a 300 gallon mash tun with cooling jacket and agitator that I need to get moved out. I know its not what your looking for, but I am located close to you, and would part with this thing for scrap costs. Could also probably provide delivery to MD. Hit me up if curious..
  6. Also found this smart switch designed for dyers/pool pumps/etc that will get you up to 40amps at 220v .. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MBIRF5W/ref=asc_df_B00MBIRF5W5318399 and this one designed for stoves that gets you up to 50 amps.. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B074BT61NK/ref=sspa_mw_detail_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&th=1
  7. If you really wanted to do this I think you would need to get a relay that is sized for the power going to your still/elements and that is switched by 120v power. Then get a 120v wi-fi receptacle and use that to provide power to the relay switch.. I can see it now.. “Alexa, turn on the still!”
  8. So basically me, and every other craft distiller I know, have been successfully fooling ourselves for years now..
  9. You are of course assuming you know the direction the shaft rotates
  10. Thanks for the great info Michael! Am I able to order 1/2 barb fittings from you guys? Really appreciate the input.
  11. Our current diaphragm pump used for spirits is hitting the end of its life, and I am looking to put a new Flojet G70 diaphram into service. I purchased this a ways back but never got it setup as the air and liquid input/outputs are really annoying. It seems to have a 1/4" barb for air input, and 3/4 barbs for liquid in/out. From what I can tell there is no way to remove these barbs to replace with threaded fittings. This means I need a 1/4" barb to standard male air hose quick connect, a short piece of 1/4" hose and two hose clamps to make this usable with our regular quick-connect fitted air hoses.. What seems like absolutely stupid arrangement. On the liquid side I will need to go from the 3/4 barb to a 3/4 barb x 1/5" tri-clamp fitting, again using a short section of 3/4" hose and a pair of hose barbs. I got this unit as it seems pretty popular on these forums, so just curious if this is what everyone else is doing, or if perhaps I just a non-typical model with barb connections. If you are using this pump, could you post a picture of it with whatever fittings you have added? Thanks!
  12. Are these listed on your website? Would love more info on sizes, costs, etc.
  13. Gallons of water, mash or alcohol? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sensus-SRII-5-8-Brass-Water-Meter-Used-Includes-Cover-Readable-Face/292314775817?epid=760844780&hash=item440f518109:g:B8gAAOSwaEhZLfQc We use these on our condensers to track/view cooling water usage. They are great as they give you an easy visual to confirm that water is flowing, and at what rate, they track gallons used, are accurate, cheap and look cool. https://www.amazon.com/Save-a-Drop-P0550-Water/dp/B0058EOC5M/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=water+flow+meter+digital&qid=1554473063&s=gateway&sr=8-5 We used something like this to track water going into the mash tun.. For alcohol or mash I have no idea..
  14. According to Latina's website they make tanks in 1,250 liters. This 330 gallon tank size would seem like a useful size given the number of folks operating 300 gallon distillation systems. I know I contacted you guys recently about this size tank and am still waiting to hear back!
  15. That may very well be true; I honestly have no idea. I know in the conversations I have read it was pointed out that if using sweet corn you should get it fermenting quickly as the sugars begin converting to starch immediately after picking; or blanch it after picking to stop the conversion to starch. I will point out again that this info was not from a commercial distillery, and I cant imagine it being practical in anyway.
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