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  1. HedgeBird

    SG of an all rye mash

    We just put about one cup of mash in a paper coffee filter and get a few drops on the refractometer.. This seems to give a good sediment free sample to check and then there is nothing to cleanup/wash out. Getting a reading with a hydrometer is practically impossible and way to much effort when a refractometer only costs about $20.
  2. HedgeBird

    Equipment Vendors Selling Stills with Design Flaws

    Steve did share this news on the forum:
  3. HedgeBird

    Wheated Rye

    Our flag-ship product is our straight rye and we use a high percentage of wheat. We just bottled batch #4 yesterday that was in barrels for 29 months. Obviously I am very biased, but I could not be much happier with the end product. Lots of spicy rye bite, but still nice and smooth. Batch #5 will probably be just under 3 years, and I am already looking forward to that being ready! Our first barrel of bonded whiskey will hit the 4 year mark in September and we may bottle that for the holidays, or decide to wait another year and let it hit 5! Cant believe how fast time goes by.
  4. HedgeBird

    New barrel providers?

    http://www.blackwaterbarrels.com/ These guys have been great to deal with, and the barrels have been as nice as the ISC ones we use.
  5. HedgeBird

    Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    It seems like quite a few have been mentioned.
  6. HedgeBird

    Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    Thats a fair point.
  7. HedgeBird

    Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    We switched from a copper to a stainless condenser about two years ago, and I feel like it has had a positive impact on our product.
  8. HedgeBird

    Sediment in finished bottles

    This is posted in whiskey, but you did not say specifically what type of product. Is it just normal whiskey, or flavored or... ?
  9. HedgeBird

    Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    I dont understand why you think one type/style/design of condenser would be more prone to a vapor release than another style. A "loss of water pressure or similar coolant flow event" would cause the same concerns/issues with any type of condenser. As others have mentioned, the benefit to a tube in shell (Gatling gun style) condenser is that its more compact vs a worm tube.
  10. HedgeBird

    Separating rye and corn into their own mashes

    My understanding is that Buffalo Trace cooks their corn and rye separately, then combines at some later point.
  11. HedgeBird

    Separating rye and corn into their own mashes

    Could you just cook the two mashes separately then combine for the fermentation?
  12. HedgeBird

    Barrel Racks

    Looks like these are long gone. Post is over a year old.
  13. HedgeBird

    Dephlegmator and Condenser Equilibrium

    Not really sure I have much insight, but right from the start what your describing seems off. The only way the kettle temp (temperature of the liquid agave) could hold constant for 5 hours while being boiled, is if you where refluxing 100% of the alcohol and not collecting any alcohol off the parrot. (or collecting such a negligible amount as to have no measurable impact on the kettle ABV). You do not mention collection volume/speed/rates at all. *if* the temperatures you are sharing actually are accurate, that would indicate you ran the still for 5 hours without allowing any alcohol/liquid to pass through the dephlegmator and that seems unlikely. Also, what exactly is the "condenser temp" measuring?
  14. HedgeBird

    Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    While it certainly seems like the main issue has been identified, another possible problem could also be caused by using RO water. If they have an RO system anything like mine, it probably runs pretty slow. Are they by any chance making RO water in advance of mashing, and then letting it sit untreated for any period of time? If so this could provide extra time for bacteria to grow in the water prior to mashing. At my distillery we remove the chlorine/chloramine about a day prior to mashing and store this in a tank. As I am concerned about bacteria growth in the time between de-clorinating and mashing, we run all the mash water through a UV light immediately as it enters the mash tun. This is a fairly cheap and simple upgrade with the only maintenance being a change of bulb once a year. They might also want to grab a bacteria test kit, and check the RO water they are making to confirm its not letting bacteria through either because it is not installed properly or needs new filters, etc. Just a few more thoughts to pass on to these folks!
  15. HedgeBird

    Soda gun with vodka?

    What about mixing the vodka seltzer in a keg and serving from a kegerator or beer jocky box?