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  1. PID Temperature Reading / Cooling Water Controll

    I tried to research some of these questions prior to purchase, but no info is available, and no sales support from the company. I am also assuming it uses a simple on/off valve and not a proportional one. It seems a proportional pid/valve would work a lot better for condenser cooling. For my application I dont think pressure will be an issue. I am hoping the valve is "normally open" so if there is a failure it just sends way more cooling water than needed. We will keep our current temp probe and alarm in place in case there is a malfunction/issue we will be alerted to it. I can post more info once the thing arrives/gets installed if other folks are curious.
  2. PID Temperature Reading / Cooling Water Controll

    Thanks Tom! I think I will give it a try.
  3. Any suggestions on an out of the box unit/item/set I can purchase to add a PID controlled cooling water valve? (read temperature, adjust water flow) Not looking for anything fancy, just something with a temp probe, PID and 3/4" water valve (pneumatic or electrically powered). Input on ON/OFF vs proportional PIDs would also be appreciated. Cheers!
  4. Direct Fire Heat Up Problem

    Keep the heat on as high as you can until you reach a boil. As Silk said your not hot enough.
  5. I did not read Rogers post as putting down moonshine in anyway. He is just pointing out that the term "shine" is specific to one type of distilled spirit, that not everyone views it as a positive, and that perhaps its not the most accurate term to use when describing the broader craft spirits market. I branded my first product as a "White Rye" rather than a moonshine, as I wanted people to think of my distillery as a whiskey distillery not a moonshine distillery. All the same, what microshiner is doing is pretty cool and certainly a net positive for all of us!
  6. DYE China?

    096 Stills says on their website: "I personally design our Equipment - All Copper Columns, Pot Stills and 304 SS Boilers - manufactured to the Highest Standards, 304 SS no flimsy thin Boilers" But then they show images of stills from Wenzhou Oban Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.: http://www.karimunjawaadventure.com/item-detail/customized-industrial-alcohol-distillation-equipment-distilling-unit.html Seems like just another person middle-manning Chinese built stills.
  7. Just looking thought old images.. 3/28/2012 - Location locked in. 5/30/2012 - Date on a hand drawn plan for the still I built. 8/15/2012 - PLCB paper work mailed everything else 12/24/2013 - First bottle sold So yeah, about two years and I did not have any zoning related delays.
  8. New oak barrels southeast PA

    As far as I know (very well could be wrong here) there is only one barrel making operation in Pennsylvania, and none here in SE PA. http://wilsonfp.com/products.html
  9. Barrel logo engraving

    The orange background color is just painted on with a brush (never was that good at coloring in the lines I guess). We had a two part stencil made for the other colors, and they are just spray painted on. It can be a bit tricky to get both parts of the stencil registered/matched up. It helps to do the painting with the barrel on its end, rather than on its side. I had our stencil made by a vendor on Etsy.
  10. Barrel logo engraving

    Thanks Cunningham - We are super happy with how these are working out. Our stencils are just plastic sheet.
  11. Barrel logo engraving

  12. 50ml / 1.7oz Clear Glass Boston Round Bottles

    Happy with my XpressFill 4 spout Volumetric Machine: http://www.xpressfill.com/volumetric-bottle-filler.shtml We use it for 750ML and 50ML bottles. We typically do over 300 bottles an hour with one person running the machine.
  13. 50ml / 1.7oz Clear Glass Boston Round Bottles

    Pleasantly surprised after searching this catalog to see that they do indeed have a 50ML clear bottle. Thank you!
  14. Who's pumping mash with an AODD pump?

    We ferment and distill on grain milled to a flour. We have also done a few test batches with a corser grind and had no issues with the 1.5" pump and hoses.
  15. Who's pumping mash with an AODD pump?

    We are pumping mash with an AODD pump. We started with a used one something like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Warren-Rupp-Sandpiper-SB-1-1-2-A-Air-Powered-Double-Diaphragm-Pump-Cf8m-100psi-/272801514506?hash=item3f843cc40a:g:v64AAOSwfkdZjg6D and then got this new one when the old one gave out after about 3 years: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DAYTON-Pump-AODD-Aluminum-1-1-2-In-115-GPM-3HJX1-/252692716274?epid=1504990117&hash=item3ad5a8daf2:g:kBAAAOSw44BYXAxo This compressor has worked well for us also: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012GOMJG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 We did recently have to have the motor bearings replaced on the electric compressor motor after about 4 years of hard use. Pretty much the only issue we have ever had with it. Same compressor runs our two smaller spirits pumps, 2 sanitary air mixers on the blending and bottling tank, and also our steam whistle at the bar!