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  1. Does it work if I upload them... ? 1925245376_envirtualtourfeedback.avi
  2. HedgeBird

    Condensation Inside Spirit Bottles

    If you spend some time searching for this you will find its a common occurrence in many mass produced spirits as well.. Countless discussions of this both with consumers and producers. The only recommendation I have found to actually address the issue is to "Pour the whiskey into the water. Not the water into the whiskey." Not my recommendation, but the only actual suggestion I have found. Perhaps bottling under a slight vacuum (or pressure) might help address the issue?
  3. I am getting the same error now, but it did download yesterday.. <shrug>
  4. The attachment is a video file, not a .jpg. I was able to download it and play the video on my computer. There are just so many variables its kind of hard to give feedback. Here is what I remember thinking from watching most of the video yesterday.. The whole barrels shaped building and bottle shaped windows are cheesy/gimmicky... (This is really just my personal opinion. as I am sure there are folks who would really get a kick out of it) The bottling line area is very far away from the production/storage area; with a number of walls in the way. You will have to end up running hoses all the way around the office/courtyard area from the storage tank area. What I think is the brewing/fermenting area is also separated from the distilling area, so again much longer hoses, or you have a hole in the wall for them to run through? Basically I dont see the need to separate brewing/fermenting/distilling operations into distinct spaces with walls in between. Having a walled off area for bottling might make sense, but then it should be directly next to the tank storage area. Change the layout of the rack house so all the barrels are able to be oriented in the same direction. Dont have a hallway to the brewing area going through the rack-house that effectively turns half your rack-house space into a hallway. No idea what your business model is, but if it includes a tasting room then you probably should make the tasting room much larger. If you are only doing samples of product its probably fine, but if you are thinking you are going to be open evenings and weekends and serve cocktails, and try to use it as a bar, then make it bigger. More seats, more dedicated storage for the bar and merchandise, a backroom for preparation of syrups, mixers, garnished etc. Also - Where is the storage area for pallets of empty bottles and, pallets of bottled product? I dont know what the total square footage of this layout out is, but it seems to be planned for an operation similar in size to my own, and at any one time we might have 10 pallets of empty bottles, 15 pallets of filled bottles and 6 pallets of grain.
  5. HedgeBird

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    People click on the link to your website, take a look at the ugly site design and think "these guys cant be for real." They then open the Corson site and say "ahh, yes, this is what im looking for." You need to get your website spruced up Paul; right now your just making Corson look good.
  6. HedgeBird

    Holstein replacement parts

    https://elitecustomglass.com Give these guys a call next time, or if you just want to have another pair of spares on hand. I don't think they will tell you to go to the manufacturer Like Paul said, tell us about your pump and sight glass. While there probably are not a lot of folks on this forum who can help you with getting a response from Holstein, I doubt there are many parts on your still that this community cant help you find replacements for.
  7. HedgeBird

    Holstein replacement parts

    If your talking about liquid level sight-glass replacements they are readily available all over the internet. Chances are Holstein did not manufacture the pump, and if there are parts that need replaced they are probably available online as well. That or just replace it or find someone locally to fix it. Perhaps Holstein is not getting back to you not because the still was never paid for, but rather because the don't want to bother dealing with $30 replacement sight glasses you can buy online and 5 year old pumps that are not under warranty? If there are Holstein specific parts then that might be another story, but the stuff you listed seems like you should be able to address on your own.
  8. HedgeBird

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    This might just be the worst suggestion I have ever read posted on this forum.
  9. HedgeBird

    Short stem proof hydrometer alcometer for parrot

    Found this shorty, but cant tell for certain if its actually a proof hydrometer. https://usa.banggood.com/Portable-0-100-Alcoholometer-Hydrometer-Glass-Tester-18_5cm-Homebrew-Beer-Home-Wine-Making-Gadget-p-1325820.html?gmcCountry=US&amp;currency=USD&amp;createTmp=1&amp;utm_source=googleshopping&amp;utm_medium=cpc_bgcs&amp;utm_content=zouzou&amp;utm_campaign=pla-usg-tools-pc&amp;cur_warehouse=CN Three piece set that does seem to be proof: (cant read the Chinese though to be sure!) https://usa.banggood.com/3Pcs-Wine-Making-Hygrometer-Alcohol-Meter-Tester-Thermometer-Measure-Test-0-100-0-40-40-70-70-100-p-1130810.html?rmmds=detail-left-hotproducts__6&amp;HotRecToken=CgEwEAIaAklWIgJQRCgB&amp;cur_warehouse=CN If anything the prices are right...
  10. HedgeBird

    Does it worth, 15K for 320 gallons pot still?

    No. The mill and bottle filler may be listed at a fair price. The other equipment seems to be listed at full retail price, but its not what most of us would want in our distilleries. As has you have already been told - The still itself is way over priced, not properly designed, has way more negatives than positives and is lacking any required safety features. Used equipment is always available. Distilleries are always going to be going out of business. Your not missing out on some great opportunity by passing on this.
  11. HedgeBird

    Does it worth, 15K for 320 gallons pot still?

    It looks more like a 100 gallon still with a mis-matched 300 gallon kettle. By the time you get all the additions done your talking about, you may very well be close to the cost of a new 300 gallon still that has the features you want already and none of the negatives this still has. To elaborate on still sizing. Most people call a still 100 gallons or 300 gallons because it can hold 100 or 300 gallons of mash. But if the still can only process 100 gallons of mash in an 8 hour period, then its effectively only a 100 gallon still no matter how large the kettle is.
  12. HedgeBird

    50-60 gallon still realistic?

    The devil does not like being cheated his fair share by smart folks who try to double their budget and time estimates from the start. If you put your doubled numbers down on paper in your business plan hes going to know; and make you double again. The only way to trick him is to leave your budget at $1 and know in your head its going to cost $2.
  13. HedgeBird

    Mash Tun not Heating

    I think the chances of creating a vacuum are probably greater than over pressure. (at least on the jackets) For example: You have a hot mash tun or still kettle that has just been emptied and the steam is closed off. Someone takes a cold water hose and starts washing down the hot tank, causing the air in the jacket to rapidly cool and contract. If your jacket is plumber for heating and cooling both, this is ever more likely to create a vacuum as air might not be able to come back in the outlet if you have the condensate line closed off to run cooling water. If your not running cooling and steam in the same jacket best not to have a valve on the condensate line at all, and to make sure the condensate line has an air vent.
  14. HedgeBird

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Have you tried running it with the steam trap in place, but the condensate line disconnected? (Just capture the condensate from the trap in a bucket) This would tell you if the problem is with the return piping. Drawling also shows an agitator. Have you tried agitating while heating up?
  15. HedgeBird

    Mash Tun not Heating

    I dont think you ever mentioned how large of a batch you have in the still at the moment. Is it possible you have a partial batch in, and that you have plumbed the upper jacket for steam, meaning that most of your mash is not in contact with the heated surfaces? This might also explain the heat patterns you are showing on the exterior of the still... Other options along this line is that you mixed up the the inlets and outlets for the two jackets? (although I think that was ruled out earlier as you mentioned your getting steam out the outlet when removing the trap...)
  16. HedgeBird

    Mash Tun not Heating

    I have a similar trap to the one in this photo, and it is installed in what seems to be the opposite direction, with the drain plug thing pointing towards the inlet side... I also have this small trap installed on a 150 gallon still and have a much larger trap on my bigger still thats still not as large as yours. Are you 100% sure that thing is not backwards? Is it possible its undersized for this jacket?
  17. HedgeBird

    Mash Tun not Heating

    This may mean he wont be able to heat up both still and mash tun at the same time, and will have a longer heat up time, but if the jacket is holding 13.5psi and not getting hotter. than thats not the specific problem here. Def sounds like a problem with the trap or return piping..
  18. HedgeBird

    Mash Tun not Heating

    So your boiler is low enough that condensate can gravity flow back to the boiler? If your just heating up now, perhaps try switching the condensate trap on the still with the one on the mash tun. That would be a good test to figure out if the trap is your problem. (assumes they are the same size trap and can be changed out without changing piping, and that you have unions where you need them to change them out, and that you have a pair of pipe wrenches, and pipe dope )
  19. HedgeBird

    Mash Tun not Heating

    15hp boiler is about 500,000 btu right? That does seem small for a pair of 600 gallon tanks..
  20. HedgeBird

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Do you have pressure gauges installed on your still and mash-tun jackets? What PSI is the mash tun jacket holding while you are trying to heat? Knowing this would help narrow down the problem. (presumably you have a pressure relief valve, vacuum relief valve, and pressure gauge on the jacket after the steam input valve.) Is steam trap installed in the correct direction/flow? (They typically have an arrow on the cast iron housing.) Do you have a condensate return pump? (can you hear is cycling on/off) Whats the pressure on the boiler itself once you top out at 126F?
  21. HedgeBird

    Facebook Fan Pages

    Let me fix that for you... https://www.facebook.com/RhsDistillery/
  22. HedgeBird

    Wanted: 330g IBC tote, potable!

  23. HedgeBird

    Best options for cooling mash

    We are in the process of upgrading our mash tun from one with a separate steam plate and cooling jacket to a new larger mash-tun that has only a single steam jacket. I am wondering what folks who have single jacket mash tun, and who do grain is mashes are doing for cooling the mash? Are most of you running both steam and cooling (water or glycol) through the same jacket, or are you using a separate heat exchanger? Out details: Old mash tun is 150 gallon (has separate steam and cooling jackets)
  24. HedgeBird

    How to Pressure Test a still?

    Doing the water thing makes a lot of sense!